Field Trip!

This afternoon we are going on a field trip – we (the little homeschool group we belong to) are going to be given a tour of the Post Office!  Heehee.  I think it’ll be fun, but it’s in a pretty small town, so it’s not like, well, I don’t know – it won’t be like the New York one in "Miracle on 34th Street" or anything!   Still.  I think it’s good to let the kids see the ‘behind the scenes’ sort of stuff – what makes the world go around, you know?  Well, I’m off to make a little lunch before we take off…. we need a bit of an early start since we had a dusting of snow this morning….just enough to slick up the roads, of course.   

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  1. Sounds like fun, and I wish I could go with you, and also that I could enjoy making valentine\’s with you and Kiki too!

  2. Hope you guys had a fun visit at the post office… reading through to catch up ~ the Christmas "fudgy brownies" sounded gooooood and I will ahve to try one of the cacao bars… I keep eyeing them when I go to the store, but haven\’t actually thrown one in the basket yet.  🙂
    Tammy  :):):)

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