Nothing to say…? Not true

I always have something to say…even if it’s inane and dull.  Or pointless.  Still, I am willing to say it!   I need to figure out how to get my photos on my new computer here so I can put up a new photo album….I think it’s time for the Christmas pics to say ‘farewell’. 
It’s raining today, after quite a bit of snow, so now we have lovely slush all over.  Hmmmm.
My boo-ty is hot.  Not as in "whooo hooo" (as if, lol!!)  but as in I think my office chair must have some funky filling…. a goosedown cushion, perhaps?  Actually, I think it must be a great thermal conductor, because I have a heating pad on my back…so I guess it’s just warming up the seat as well.  My Saab had seatwarmers, which was awesome in the winter.  Which is a totally random thought there, isn’t it?!
Today (right this very second) I am trying a candy bar that is ‘72% cacao’.  That’s all the rage, you know – a ‘certain percentage’ of cacao; the darker the better I suppose.  Right now it seems as though I ought to just suck on a chunk of unsweetened baking chocolate.  I like dark chocolate, but geez.  Hmmm.  Getting a little better.  It has, notes of berries.  Honestly.  Kind of good, but not something to just munch on.  A tiny bit goes a long way!  I guess I’ll have this bar for a long time!  (it was in my Christmas stocking.)  Interesting.   
Well, shoot, I really haven’t got anything of great interest to say…as always, I should be cleaning, doing something of note.  Yet here I am!  Way more fun.  We have a meeting at church tonight, and I guess I should get the family fed some dinner before we have to go. 

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  1. Ok, you make a "nothing to say" blog very entertaining!!!  You are sooooo funny!    I\’m a huge chocolate fan but not dark chocolate, I don\’t like the bitter taste.  This is a good thing because when we get the big boxes of candy at Christmas I get to eat all of the milk chocolates.  Michael loves the dark chocolates so those are his.  He brought home a 1 pound box of Sees the other night ($15 per pound, do you believe it???) and it was perfect since it had some of both! 
    Take care and keep warm!

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