Hey, y’all….

I’m doing a little better…  I don’t have time to say hey to everyone personally, because… okay, honestly?  Well, because I made Alan take Kiki to Awana tonight because I was going to "do some cleaning"….hehehe ~ he fell for it!!  HA!!  But, they’ll be home in about an hour so I suppose I at least need to shove a few things around so it at least looks like I did something, eh?  I am sooo bad!!    I’ve missed everyone…. ~Ann~

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  1. Ann – you are soooo funny! 
    My hubby doesn\’t know that the hot cooked meal he is coming home to tonight was actually made by Em.  She begged me to let her cook something that she "created" in her head – individual shepherd pies.  When Miichael called I said that I was downstairs in the kitchen.  He just assumed I was cooking!! 
    Hope your week is blessed,

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