Yow! How time flies, even if you’re not having fun

You don’t need to ask where I’ve been…because I haven’t been anywhere; just here, at home.  Moping, really.  I am in a funk, you know?  It’s Christmas, I suppose.  Sometimes it just leaves you sort of blue.  It’s not because I had some great expectations that didn’t come to fruition (I gave up hoping for the horse wrapped in the big red bow years ago!!  lol) … I just think, because I’d been sick the weeks previous so I then had to rush like crazy at the last minute – well, I feel like I sort of missed the "Day".   I didn’t get enough evenings lounging around the fire staring at the tree and the lights…. Then, right after, my M-I-L came to visit.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s not a "bad" M-I-L…. it’s just work, I guess.  It seems like we need to do stuff, entertain her…. and then this year, she wanted to buy me the new computer.  I am not complaining about that, what I do want to complain about is the actual shopping for it.  Holey cow!  It would seem the salespeople at the electronics stores are in no big rush to actually sell you something.  We walked into so many places, basically "money in hand" like, "I want to buy a computer, and I want it now – what do you suggest?" and we actually had one guy who said, well, some stuff might go on sale tomorrow, maybe you should come back.  Seriously!?  Then at a different store, we had the guy go thru his whole schpeil (sp?? anyhoo..) because when it comes to computers, I know next to nothing.  So I told him what I do, what I want to do, and asked him what I needed.  So he sets me up with this whole system, I say ‘go for it’ then he comes back and says "sorry, that model is sold out."   And then as if there is nothing he can do for us….no, "well, how about this instead" or "this is a bit of an upgrade, how about this"….nope, it was just ‘that’s gone, so go home.’  Weird stuff, I tell you.  I can also tell you that 2 1/2 days of dragging Kiki through one computer place after another was enough!!  I was as sick of it as she was, and I was the one getting the gift!!  sheesh.
Well, enough about that.  You’d think I’d have been blogging away, but like I said, I’m just having a mood.  And please don’t be worried that maybe I’m depressed (yeah, I am…duh) because I am already on antidepressants…maybe I need something new?  But, the deal is, I’ll be okay….
Well, what else is going on?  Today I am supposed to be packing up the Christmas stuff.  I left it up a week longer because I wanted to enjoy it.  But, I’m done now , and the poor tree is beyond dry!  Kiki and Alan are out doing "store checks" so ha ha I am blogging instead of cleaning!!  As if that would surprise any of you!!  It has been really hard getting back into a routine of school and what-have-you.  Then, Alan and I made this list of everything we need to change or fix or do differently with our lives this year…yikes.  No wonder I’m in a funk.  It’s totally overwhelming.  I should just stay in bed!  Which is, I suppose, part of the problem.  Laziness.  sigh.  The less you do, the less you want to do.  Vicious cycle and what-not.  Then there is the whole "I’m annoyed with my sister again" deal… and maybe it’s just because she is skinny and dresses cute and I can’t??  As if that’s her fault?!  I guess I am just feeling sorry for myself – as if that has ever helped anyone! 
Well, well, well… an uplifting post from me; the one you’ve all been waiting for, I am sure!  I suppose I ought to go do some of my ‘chores’ before the crew returns home… I will try not to be so whiney on my next visit – but, "it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to"  Lol.

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  1. Ann,
    That song dates me very well.  Forget the singer\’s name… but remember her singing that on \’The Donna Reed Show\’…  and I will probably be humming it the rest of the night…lol. 
    Wow!  I thought that it was only in Canada that there were so many lame sales people, not knowing information, ignoring, instead of helping customers, providing poor service, and you have proved me wrong.  There are a few that are good and stand out but it hasn\’t been many.  I blame management for not instructing and training employees.  So…I am with you on the rant…lol.
    Hope you have a nice weekend!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Hi Ann.  I have a bad case of the lazys (lazies sp??) as well.  It is Saturday and the only thing that I\’ve managed to do is well…. nothing all day.  Oh, wait, I did eat, a couple times.  With Michael working on Saturdays, it leaves me little motivation to do much of anything.  Which is really not fair to Em but ….. Ok, so now I\’m whiney on your blog.  Hope you don\’t mind.  🙂
    Take care,

  3. NO moping!!  It\’s a new year!!  But you\’re right about the jerks in the electronic stores!!  Plus, I was in B of A yesterday and there was this dweeb PR guy running around asking people if they had questions or problems!!  After his fourth visit to me I told him that HE was my problem at the moment!!  Jerk!!  Crap!  Now I\’M moping…..  lol
    Hope you\’re have a GREAT weekend Ann!!!!!

  4. hi Ann!
    guess everyone goes into some kind of \’mopping\’ sometime esp. after holidays/tiring days, but not everyday is that gloomy. so go get that cappuccino, or espresso or your fav mocha…..!
    like you, i do some baking stuff too…maybe we can talk \’bout that sometimes?

  5. I don\’t know how sales people survive.  One time I went out to buy a new dryer.  I went straight to the department and was totally ignored.  I finally found the salesperson and told him that I needed a mid-priced dryer that I could take home that day, in the back of my van.  He half-heartedly showed me a few and then said, "Oh these are not in stock, so you will have to order one."  Duh!  I was the one who said, "Well go back to the computer, find what is in stock, or show me a scratch and dent floor model and sell me a dryer!"  I wanted to tell the guy off for his laziness.  He finally did sell me a floor model for a reasonable price that had a scratch on the lid, but if I hadn\’t pushed him, he would have totally been happy with me walking away with nothing.  My husband and I had a similar experience when we went shopping for a digital camera.  The most helpful, knowledgeable person was at Target of all places – not an electronics store. 
    I am so glad you posted.  I have been here every day looking for you!  As for your life changes – try one thing at a time.  Change one thing and do it for 21 days before you add another change.  It is unrealistic to change everything at once.  Don\’t set yourself up for failure and more depression!
    Hugs – Kathleen

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