It’s Christmas Eve! We’re almost there!!

Just to catch you all up on the craziness that is my life… can I catch my breath now??  Uh, no…still too much to do….Last night I finished my baking.  Today Kiki and I will take plates to a few neighbors.  I baked – Frosted Sugar Cookies (my favorite), Jam Strips, Pecan Tarts (Alan’s fave and a giant pain to make, which is why the poor guy only gets them once a year!), Rice Krispie Treats (shaped into snowmen, dipped in white chocolate and given chocolate chip eyes and buttons), "Puppy Chow" (Crispix coated with chocolate/peanut butter glaze and covered with powdered sugar, so it looks like that Purina puppy chow…yummy!   uhm, not the Purina kind, I mean….), Fudge, and Brownies.  The brownies were a last minute addition to the list, as my first batch of fudge wouldn’t set up – guess I didn’t boil it long enough.  I was flippin’ out because I had wasted all those ingredients, so Alan suggested I make brownies and use the ‘fudge goo’ as frosting….I did, and yummmm… that was a good accident, I think!   I am glad beyond description to be done.  Although I went to bed last night with the kitchen in a major state of disaster….so this morning’s list begins with "clean…."  sigh.  Is that never done??  Alan ate a half-dozen pecan tarts for breakfast this morning….
The rest of today’s list, after cleaning, is to deliver cookies, wrap presents, then have Kiki to church by 4:15 because she is in the Children’s Christmas Choir.  We’ll be at church all night, I think.  Thank goodness my sister now lives nearby; we are going to gather there between services to… well, eat cookies I think!  lol.  I hope Kiki and I can cram a little play time into this schedule because it snowed last night!!!  We haven’t had a white Christmas here in…forever.   It’s very exciting!! 
Oh!!  Our Christmas party (Alan’s work) was a nighttime dinner train!  It was different from anything we’ve done before; very fun.  There was a violinist playing carols, dinner, dessert, and the best part was that the rails run right along the river in the mountains, and there was lots of snow and an almost full moon, so we would huddle under blankets out on the open air train and watch the beauty all around us.  We could see every star in the sky!  It was really special.

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  1. What an awesome Christmas party- I envy you.
    Peace, Love, & Joy

    These are my prayers for you, my friend
    Have a warm & blessed Christmas.

  2. Hope your holidays were blessed with love and joy.  Sounds like you have been a very busy lady!  Hope you are able to find some time for yourself soon.  Wishing you a fantastic 2008!

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