That Colorado Thing

I don’t generally talk about ‘current events’ on my blog, but this hit a little close I guess, because I know a lot of people who’ve gone through YWAM (Youth With A Mission).  Plus my nephew is currently in another mission school that is basically the same type of deal.  And one of my other nephews dropped out of our church’s mission school.  It saddens me that the media is trying to put the lovely ‘church messed him up’ twist on it… but maybe his church did.  It also saddens me that churches do sometimes mess people up.  We’re supposed to be the "Body of Christ", and then we beat people up.  I hate that.  I suppose this incident is also going to give homeschooling a black eye for awhile.  Because all our homeschooled kids are unsocialized freaks, you know.  I also just get so sad thinking how messed up our world is… we have to worry about things we’ve never had to before.  Wednesday night is child/youth night at our church, and the youth building is across the parking lot from where the little kids meet.  We (my sister and I) dropped off our younger kids then were headed out to our cars, when we saw firetrucks and paramedics at the youth building.  Now, it just turned out that some silly teenage boy jumped off something he shouldn’t have been on in the first place – weird, eh??! – and hurt himself.  The sad thing is that the first response of each mom walking out was the initial fear that something horrid like a shooting had occured.  It’s a terrible thing that our minds have to go there now.

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  1. I agree with you 100%.  Being a homeschool mom, I understand your sentiments perfectly on that.  It\’s bad enough that we work our tails to the bone trying to make sure our kids turn our well-rounded, educated, worthwhile additions to society, but then we have to listen to all the cynics and critics tell us how we\’re messing our kids up.  And, yes, you\’re right.  Some churches do mess kids up, but most of them don\’t.  And even in a good church, you can have one kid with so many other outside factors in operation, that he might go over the edge even in a good church.  It\’s individuals.
    Everyone just wants an answer and it\’s easy to just start pointing fingers…unfortunately, most of those fingers end up pointing at things that they don\’t understand.
    I work in Omaha and grew up doing Christmas shopping at Westroads Mall (where the tragic shootings took place here), so I can relate to having to deal with all those other feelings as a mom too.  It can happen anywhere at anytime.  Rather than dwell on whose fault it is, we need to be encouraging our kids to just be ready for anything.  We aren\’t promised a tomorrow, so we need to do all we can today.
    Sorry.  I started rambling, but you struck a mutual chord in me.  All us moms need to be praying for one another.  It\’s a tough world out there.  :o(

  2. rock on, homeschooling moms!!!!!!!  i\’m raising 3 social misfits and we\’re having the time of our lives.  everytime i get the "outcast comment," i smile and point out all the public school kids who have turned out less than "normal" (whatever normal is).
    seriously, i can so relate….the world is scary and random and it doesn\’t help when stupid journalists use labels to explain why someone would commit a crime.   Does the fact that he was homeschooled really have anything to do with the fact that he snapped?
    anyways….have an incredible day!

  3. I honestly didn\’t get the impression that the media is blaming the shooting on religion and homeschooling. It appears to me more of Morbid Curiosity Syndrome … they\’re just digging up whatever information they can on the kid, just like they did with the Omaha shooter, the Columbine shooters, etc. No one ever came out and said they think this is why he did it, although I\’m sure there are some blogs and weird sites out there who are. But not the mainstream.
    FWIW, my sisters were both social misfits until they got homeschooling. It wasn\’t until they were removed from their negative environments that they began to be able to function "normally" on a social level. I honestly think it\’s just the way they were born; I don\’t blame the public school, as I grew up in it and did just fine.
    But here\’s food for thought: instead of blaming the media, journalists, or critics this time, blame Matthew Murray. He\’s the one who made homeschooled/religious kids look like freaks. Maybe his parents had something to do with it too. But at the end of the day, there is no one to blame but Matthew, because he is the one who shot people.
    If anything, I think it goes to show there are nut cases in all walks of life.

  4. Oh, I completely agree.  These individuals are the ones to blame for their actions, although the way they were raised figures in to some extent, but some people just can\’t deal with life, even given the same circumstances and upbringings.  Then I wonder how they got all those guns without someone thinking "hmmm."  But we have guns, and I don\’t blame them either.  Just a sad state of affairs, that\’s all I\’m saying. 

  5. I don\’t have anyone to homeschool, but this whole series of events makes me so heart sad. What would drive someone to do something like this, especially in God\’s House? I know that he could have done it anywhere, really. I just hope that everyone is able to find the peace that they need, and I give all of you homeschooling parents much kudos and appreciation for doing what public schools can\’t/won\’t. You have my utmost respect.

  6. I was not home-schooled, nor was my children.  However, I am in awe of those parents that do!  I\’ve never thought of them as a social outcast or misfit.  Crimes happen in every sect of life.  It\’s a shame that we have to be afraid anymore about everything or everywhere we go.  It can happen anytime or anyplace.  Keep doing what you are doing for your children.  Only you know what is best for them.

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