The Cowboy Record

I wish I could remember who the singers were…but, it was regular old cowboy singers.  I remember the chorus of each, though.  "I’m gonna saddle up my pony, and ride away, out where the west winds blow…how I long to be free, give me my dignity, then I’ll be satisfied"  followed by lots of yodeling!  The other side was "Who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone?  Who’s gonna wipe your tears away?  Who’s gonna sing a little song, hey, hey, who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone"
Heee hee heee, how funny after all these years!  I bet I even have that record in a box in the garage… at least, I wish I did.  Sure, it’s pathetic that I have boxes in the garage I haven’t unpacked it the last 8 or 10 moves, but I’ve got that packrat thing going on… I think I’d turn into a full-on ‘hoarder’ if it wasn’t for people in my life who love me and try to keep me somewhat sane (see my last post!)

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  1. Don\’t know who sang them but do remember Gene Autry earlier on and then Roy Rodgers (and the "Sons of the Pioneers") doing some singing and yodelling…lol.  Those were the good old days.

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