Okay, c’mon y’all…dontcha like my new pic??

Seriously, now…. take a look at my new Profile picture…yep, the little cowgirl.  That’s me; it truly is.  As I looked about 95% of the time in those days!!  Except, I was usually on my wooden horse in my bedroom listening to my cowboy record on the record player.  The cowboy record wasn’t black, either…the vinyl had real pictures of cowboys and horses on it!  It was awesome.  Good times….  (dig the groovy furniture…lol)

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  1. Yes I do…and I did notice it the last time I visited…but forgot to comment on it.  So tell us…what was on the cowboy record?  Who was singing?  Or was it different than that?

  2. OK…  I\’m really trying to leave your space but I can\’t stop giggling at your \’cowgirl\’ pic!!  Just too CUTE!!  (Looking away, trying to compose myself!)  I think I got it! ………HAHAHA!!
    OK!  I\’m really not a dork!!  You can ask around!!  Just do NOT ask…..  Never mind!

  3. Hi Ann,
    I have been continuing to lift you up in prayer.  I guessed that the cute little doll in the picture was you.  🙂
    I never had a cowgirl outfit, but I did have a vinyl record of Dale Evans singing, "Chicky-wicky Choctaw".  A song she wrote about a little girl she and Roy Rogers adopted.  (I still sing parts of that song….  it has a pretty tune).
    Did you watch "Annie Get Your Gun?"
    I decided to look up some info about Dale Evans and this is what I found … Dale Evans.  I had read "Angel Unaware" when I was a teenager.  What an inspiration she was!
    Jacque  🙂

  4. Hmmmm!  Apparently MSN ate my first comment, which makes my second comment sound ridiculous!!  Which it obviously was.  So i\’d better stop commenting right here and now.  I came over here from someone other\’s space, but it was so long ago that I forget who it was!  Name some names and I\’ll try to pick out who it was.  No wait!  That will never work!  I\’ll just come back tomorrow and try to put my best foot forward….. and probably trip. 
    Have a great week and PLEASE burn this comment!!

  5. I\’m just gonna say one more thing and I\’m gone!  I just remembered who the other person\’s space was!  It was mine!!  So thanks for your comment!!  See what you started??  LOL

  6. I noticed your new profile pic on my spaces home page before your last post – but after I came over and read that whole post, and that my triple comment – I forgot to mention it at all! Its a cute, cute, cute pic though!
    and… you\’re welcome. I\’m glad it helped, even if only a wee teeny bit! :o)
    love ya,

  7. P.S.
    Came back to see if you left a comment about the record.  Got so wrapped up in what you said about that…I didn\’t comment on YOU.  My first thought was "Ahhhhh…how cute, that is Ann when she was a child!  She looks adorable in her outfit and I like how it captures that time and place."  Then I read about your memories and thought about the record. 

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