It’s a ~cat~ thing, dear


I’m falling for this little guy in spite of myself!  He’s crazy and annoying and, well, he’s a cat!  Enough said.  But I love him!

 He knows I don’t want him on top of the kitchen cabinets…but he’ll do it right in front of me!



 Here he is chillin’ in the dryer (Alan said "If you’d let me know, I could’ve taken care of him")  haha.

Here he is taking a nap in the middle of my Christmas decorating… he’s been sooo helpful!  I’ve had to "re" decorate more than one area!

Dang, he’s a funny little guy!  He’s all cat!  Not that that’s a good thing… but I guess it’s not all bad, either!

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  1. Hi!!!!…OOF!! *trips over box of old cowboy records and staggers back up*…  So!  The dreaded \’triple post\’!!  Very clever of you considering yesterday was my \’triple comment day\’!!  Well, none of that nonsense today… No indeedy!!  Quite the handsome feline you have there and soooo glad to hear that he\’s all cat (those mixed species can be such a pain to care for).  My little, terrier is all dog too and I\’m sure that they would get along just peachy!!  Is his name really \’Stinker??\’ 
    Anywho, I\’m off to plow through iTunes to try to figure out just what cowboy song you were trying to sing.  Have a great day and I\’ll see ya at Big Lots!!!

  2. You were able to get some wonderful shots here and in your photo album!  He is so endearing!  It was your telling of when you put the tree up that got me thinking of that old picture we had of Peachy in the middle of my Christmas decorating.  If only I had a camera when he climbed up the tree trunk, peeked out from the center, and draped himself across the boughs to take a nap.  So glad you took the time to take the pictures! 

  3. I have taken about a thousand pictures of the pups I have right now. Animals are fantastic friends. Cats have so much personality. I have 2 grown females and one of them had two kittens 6 months ago. I kept them. I didn\’t want 4 cats. But I fell in love with them and I just couldn\’t bring myself to let them go. I even have a cat who likes to go for rides in the car. When she was tiny I took her everywhere. She would stay in the sleave of my coat to go shopping. The pups are another story though. I have two Germain Shepherds and a Blue Healer that are grown. I sold two of my pups and have 5 left. I\’m cheating though because the one I love the most (Princess) I\’m giving to my mother-in-law for Christmas. As close to keeping her as I can get!! My husband keeps asking if I\’m still giving her to mom. She\’s up in Michigan so she won\’t get her until I go up for Christmas. Well anyways, happy cat owning!! He\’s beautiful.

  4. You have been bitten with kitty love!!  haha  And rightfully so, your kitty is precious.  Boy I bet I have taken hundreds of pics of my two doggies….they sure know how to wrap you around their lil paws!

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