O Tannenbaum

This morning Kiki and I finished decorating the Christmas tree.  Because of the kitten,  I decided to forgo some of my most precious (and breakable) ornaments this year.  I thought this would be so hard.  You see, I love the Christmas Tree, in all it’s glittering glory.  I have some gorgeous ornaments I have collected over the years.  I open them with great joy each December, and lovingly place them on the tree.  I’m really a bit…well, too much about it….those perfectionistic qualities are in full operation on tree trimming day!   So, this year I was just, not thrilled, I guess.  We picked out a nice tree, smaller than I’d have liked because they just cost too dang much – besides, I wasn’t going to get to use my wonderful ornaments, so I was feeling a bit ‘who cares’–  and I sort of tossed the lights on…which is so not like me.  It usually takes ages and lots of flipping out on my part before I feel they are properly placed.  You know what?  The lights look just fine.  We started opening the bins of ornaments, and to my surprise I have a lot of nice ones that aren’t breakable.  Not to mention alot of rather cheesy ones I’ve quit using because, well, I have nicer ones now… but Kiki was thrilled to put on some of those we hadn’t used in her lifetime’s memory.   To my surprise, the tree looks really nice!  I thought I’d feel so awful about not using my best ornaments…and, yes, it’s a bit sad….but, it’s fine.  Just fine.  Tomorrow (Saturday) I will finish decorating the rest of the house, then tidy back up.  That’s the worst part of decorating around here…that interim period looks like a tornado blasted through!
Can you see the Snowman shaped lights??  I took this picture thru these little paper glasses Kiki has that makes the lights into shapes… 

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  1. Ann, we are tooo much alike.  Being a perfectionist (which I am) is not always a good thing.  One time I was asked to list my best quality and also to list my worst quality.  I answered "being a perfectionist" on both!  Also, thru the last several years I have acquired many, many, many gorgeous ornaments and spent lots of time shopping far and wide for them just so I could have the "perfect" tree.  When actually, I was forgetting why I was putting up a tree altogether.  I also have a box of "forgotten" ornaments, one\’s that I had hand-made when I couldnt afford the real thing.  Plus a box that my kids made through the year.  Thanks to you, some of these ornaments will make its way to our tree this year.  Thanks for the kick in the butt!  I needed that.  And by the way, your tree is awesome!

  2. Ok… so they are regular lights but LOOK like snowmen through the glasses? I\’m glad you got it up and are pleased with it. Good for you!  

  3. Yes, I can see them…and the tree looks warm and glowing!  Sorry Ann, but I had to laugh when you talked about the perfectionist thing.  I don\’t doubt that the German side is a contributing factor, and since both of mine are German, it is something I have also had to deal with, and still have to occasionally put in its place.  Laughing with you…not at you.  Having children, pets, and teaching kindergarteners is a great way to get that all in perspective, too.  We have had to make the same kinds of accomodation for our kitties, and for no longer having the entire family to celebrate Christmas with.  It was the making it special for others part, and their involvement, that made it all so lovely.  Have a fabulous weekend!
    Love and hugs,

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