Good Evening! or goodnight…

Just wanted to say ‘hey’ before I stumble off to bed.  I have a bunch of stuff I feel like complaining about, but who wants to hear that, huh?!   I have so many sites I want to visit, and so many messages I am trying to answer… if I haven’t gotten to you yet, I’m trying , I promise!    Boy, am I ever trying! yeah, I know!!  lol.  Well, have a good Sunday morning!   And all I had to do was tape it up and send him off…dang, I missed my chance!!

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  1. hello Ann!
    Something my neice would love to see for herself….she has several herself, and carries them in baskets and boxes too!

  2. LOL… too cute. Dontcha hate it when they do something so darn cute you just CAN\’T stay mad at them for all the OTHER things they do?
    Our cat is 14 and he\’ll climb in any empty box or bag he finds. I guess they never outgrow some things!

  3. Hello Ann!
    Nice to meet ya!
    Looked at your pics — man, you DO have great hair!  I\’d give my right arm for it!
    Your kitty is darling and you can mail him to me!  🙂

  4. Always remember that this is YOUR blog and you can complain whenever you want.  We all do it.  I think it is required in the Spaces code of conduct.  Really… and you will feel SO much better.

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