Why Our Dog Has No Tail

This has been mentioned a few times in comments and such, so although I’ve mentioned the story before, it was very early on in my blogging life, so I decided I would tell the story again…in fact, I will tell the whole story of Girlie Dog.
Girlie Dog is not her real name. Which is probably good, because that isn’t a very inventive name…. When I started this blog,  I wanted to be a bit anonymous, as I like to "vent and whine" now and again, and just in case someone would come by who might know me in "real" life,  I wanted to be able to deny all knowledge of this site, lol!!  Which is why our names are ‘nicknames’ and I don’t post pictures of our faces directly.  I’m just weird that way.  All the stories are completely true, however.
Girlie Dog’s mama is a purebred Yellow Lab.  When she became old enough to breed, her owners began looking for a suitable match.  Mama had other ideas, and trotted down the lane to visit the Golden Retriever living at the farm next door.   On the following Christmas eve, one little pup was born.  Her owners thought it strange that she just had one, as large dogs tend to have large litters, but it was her first batch of puppies, so who knew?  The next day, after the Christmas festivities had calmed down, they noticed that Mama seemed uncomfortable and unhappy.  They took her to the vet, who sadly delivered 6 little stillborn puppies.  Then, to everyones amazement, one more pup, very much alive.  This pup is our Girlie Dog.  When she does something particularly dumb – which is quite often – we just say "well, she was in her mama too long and probably has oxygen deprivation brain damage, so we can’t really get angry with her!" 
Yellow Labs tend to be heavy boned, and Goldens a bit more delicate.  Labs have thick, hard tails that will leave a mark on you when they wag.  Goldens don’t hurt, their tails have fine little bones in them but the long hair tends to wipe off everything in it’s path.  Girlie Dog looks mostly like a Lab…in fact, I’ve had people tell me she’s a beautiful Lab.  What she got from her daddy though was super soft Golden hair.  Not stiff like Lab hair.  She’s the softest dog I’ve ever felt, honestly.  From her daddy she also got the end of her tail.  Most of her tail is large and hard, and I used to have constant bruises on my thighs from her enthusiastic tail wagging.  Poor little Kiki, she was just 3 when we got the pup, she was constantly getting smacked in the face by it.  But, the last two inches of her tail was thin and delicate…and, because she wagged from her ribs back, and so wildly, she would whack the end of her tail on walls and doorframes and such, and break it open, and it would bleed and bleed.    And because she was still wagging, blood would be splattered all over the walls.  Thank goodness for easy-clean paint and baby wipes!  For almost a year, we tried all sorts of things to protect her tail, but nothing worked.  Finally, our vet said the best thing would be to amputate her tail.  Docking is a much nicer word, but aparently is only applicable when you are talking about a puppy….that being a little ‘snip’, and poor girlie dog needing actually surgery.  We finally decided to go for it, and the vet said that it would actually be better to remove the entire thing than just part or half.  So we did.  Watching her in the Elizabethan Collar (that plastic cone they put on a dog’s head so they can’t mess with the wound) was the funniest thing ever!!  She is so dumb.  Not her fault, remember, but still!  She is the only pet I’ve ever had that simply could not figure that collar out.  She would try to walk thru a door, get stuck on the frame, and just stand there until someone came and rescued her.. you had to physically move her head and collar over so she could move.  She would put her head down to smell something, and get the collar pushed against the carpet, then she’d trip over it.  It was summer, so we’d be wearing shorts, and all of us had giant scrapes on our legs from her coming by and just full-force shoving past us instead of turning her head a bit to pass by.  What a doofus.  A sweet, sweet doofus. 
So, she has no tail.  We get funny looks, because Yellow Labs do not have docked tails.  I’m sure some folks think we’re really weird.  (Well, we are, but not for this reason!  Ha.)  We do not miss that tail at all!  No bruises on our thighs.  No whacking small children in the face.  No blood on the walls.  Besides, it’s terribly cute, don’t ya think?  Our little ‘wiggle bootie’ Girlie Dog. 


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  1. Ann, she is a beauty for sure!  I am so glad that the Lord had you and your family in mind to be her people and that you told the story of her tail.  I do remember reading your earlier blog but liked getting the extra de-TAIL…lol.  😉  The pictures of G.D. are great and show her personality very well.  I also loved the one of her sunning in your photo album.

  2. I love her cute wiggle butt with the stubby stub.  I have a yorkie which of course was docked at birth and she can still make that lil stub fly when she\’s all excited.  Also, I have a shih tzu with the tightest curly tail ever!

  3. Hey!  Long time no see!  But guess what?  I don\’t have to sign in now cause I have hotmail and I\’m automatically signed in!  I think Girlie Dog is beautiful!   Reading on….You\’re so blessed to have a hubby who will go through a class like that with you.  And, phewy on holier than thous!  Weight loss is hard enough!  Waiting till I can start watching my carbs again and it won\’t hurt my wallet so much.
    Merry Christmas!
    Tammy  :):):)

  4. What a beautiful very loved dog!  Love the wiggle bootie  🙂  God really does have special plans for all of us…….  including dogs.  If we would ever get a dog it would be a Golden Retreiver/Yellow Lab cross.  (my favorite)
    I have been thinking about you and your family and keeping you wrapped in prayer.
    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  5. Our lab, Glory, has hit her tail so hard that it looked broken (it was a nerve that was injured and it is normal again).  I hate it when she flops her tail against the side of the hallway wall waking up the kids.  I would say you are LUCKY!

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