It’s December 1st??!!

Oh – my – gosh!!  No, I have not got my Christmas shopping done.  I have not bought one gift.  Nor have I mailed out my Christmas cards.  I haven’t even bought cards.  I thought about doing some decorating today… then I had a panic attack. Geez.  I need to get a grip!  I have to tell you, Alan was really sweet…he took me aside and prayed for me.  Not his typical reaction…. very nice.  Breathe, just breathe….. Okay, I’m good.   I think I’ll go see if Alan feels like taking me out to dinner.!  Hope everyone out there is having a better Saturday!!

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  1. I really enjoyed your latest photos and hope that you did get to go out to dinner.   I love it when K prays for me.  Yes, I do think that Josh Groban\’s Christmas CD is great.  I especially liked his renditions of Little Drummer Boy, Panis Angelicus,  O Come All Ye Faithful, and a duet of The First Noel, with Faith Hill. 
    Lizzie loves to eat meal worms, raspberries and bok-choy.  She is pickier about other foods. 
    Hope the rest of your weekend is relaxed and peaceful.  BTW…I haven\’t started decorating or doing cards either.  My virtual world is more in order than the real one…lol.

  2. Hi Ann,
    I diod get a nice little nap.  The predicted 10 inches did not happen.  😦  We got a l;ittle snow and then some sleet.  I still don\’t know what\’s happening for sure today.
    I don\’t have any cards or decorating done yet either.  The tree is up, but the lights and decorations are sitting in a pile next to it.  Jon just brought me a string of lights and a cute puppy dog look so I\’m leaving the computer and will put the lights on.  🙂
    I\’ve been praying a lot!
    Have a great day!

    Good Sunday Ann,
    I was fortunate because my parents came down for a visit over Thanksgiving.
    Yep…I sent Christmas gifts back with them for family. So…I almost down. Phew!!!
    May your shopping go smooth and quickly.
    Happy Holiday\’s

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