Bad girl, bad girl…and other wonderings

Do you ever ~ have a thought about something, and the realization of what you just thought makes you think "geez, I’m a bad person"??  Like, let’s say someone you know…a family member, maybe…is upset about something in their life (something minor, like, "I thought sure this puppy we got at the pound was going to be a {fancy hoity toity breed} but I’m beginning to think it’s just a mutt of some sort") and your immediate reaction is something like "HAHA! In-your-face!!"  How horrible is that ?!  Not that I’d ever voice those kinds of thoughts…golly, I am way too sweet for that….or am I?? 
Do you ever ~ wonder why men are so stupid?  (sorry, men…I mean husbands…sorry husbands…I mean, my husband)  There are just some days that….. aaahhhggg.   I love him.  I really do.  But there are days I could just smack him silly.
Do you ever ~ wonder why our public school system is trying to make our children stupid??  Check out ‘Tea and Bonbons with Amy’ over on Blogger if you want to be truly concerned about the goings on.  Which is why I homeschool, even on the hard days.  I want to instill in my child a love of learning, and common sense, and the ability to problem-solve.  
So, there are my questions for today. 

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  1. Are they rhetorical?  😉  I will come back later to check out the site you mentioned.   Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey, thanks for the visit.  I really appeciate it.   Actually I am organized to the point that it is painful sometimes.  I actually organized my books twice, first by size from tallest to smallest.  Then when we amassed so many, I couldnt remember if I ordered certain books before so I went back and redid all of them alphabetically by author and then by title and created an index of books we owned in a word document for quick reference since I order about 10-12 books a month online.  Silly isnt it?  And yes clothes in closet organized by type of clothing, dresses, slacks, blouses, sweatshirts, jackets, etc, and then by color, lights to darks.  Sometimes organization can be overwhelming.  LOL
    Now to your blog today….oh my yes, I\’ve thought the same thing before.  And then I think to myself, wow Pam that was not very christian of you, but alas I had already thought it, so I was being bad. 
    I can see the good and the bad with the public school systems.  I admire anyone who can hometeach their children, so big kudos to you for that.  I\’m not sure I could have done that.  My children went to relatively small public school systems (in a town of less than 10,000) and its been a few years since they graduated.  Actually more than a few, they are 34 and 28 now.  I live in a much larger city now and not sure I would have sent my children to the public school system here even tho it\’s a geat place to live.
    Have a great day and hope to see you again!!

  3. Hello, I read your article the one about home school and brief reference to your husband.
    I to love the Lord, I have had unusually chanllenging events occur with the public schools and
    teachers. I have 4 kids(&occasionally I to have 5).  I am considering home schooling. What are some
    of the challenges you have come across, are you able to get them into elementary school or into
    any other school system if you later decide too?  feel free to contact me you sound very interesting

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