My ‘Autumn’ album – The Bridge

Because I have gotten a couple comments about my bridge photo, I have to tell you that I did cross that bridge!!  The plank part wasn’t bad, but the loose 2×4’s did not make me happy!  They were old, and split….I made Kiki and her friend cross first (huh?? yes I did!)  but honestly, it’s not as bad as it looks.  I mean, the bridge is, but the creek isn’t.  If we’d fallen in, we would just have been wet, cold and muddy.  Not swept away or anything.  Mostly I was afraid it wouldn’t hold up to my weight, and it would break…I was less afraid of the creek than I was of embarrasment!  sheesh.  Well, there ya go…and the picture was taken after we’d crossed over…guess I should’ve snapped a pic with one of the girls crossing…but, well, I was a bit concerned I’d have to jump in and pull one of them out… Gosh, at my age, you’d think I’d know better!! 

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  1. Falling is something I almost have a phobia about.. as I chipped my ankle a few years ago in a fall…and have had trouble with it ever since.    I  like solid ground.  You are much braver than I am, Ann!  It is such a lovely picture though.
    Love and hugs,

  2.  Hi, saw your space as a highlighted place to visit so here I am.
    I like your humor your dogs and your painting something old to
    make it funky. Your little girl is cute and so is your kitten. I had a
    kitten exact same colors called Tootsie. I shall be back to visit again.
    Toodie from Missouri…where the men are handsome the women purty
     and the young\’ins well behaved

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