Where are my photo albums???

I seem to have lost about half of my space’s photo albums!!  Where in the heck could they have gone??  What is up with this crazy space??! 
Oh…they’re back now….sheesz….
And – they’re gone again…weird stuff happening here.  Well, I hope Spaces gets it all worked out soon.
Ooh!  I have a very funny story to tell…. I’ll title it something like "Yes, my husband is a dork, lol"…but right now, we’re going out to dinner!  And someone else is paying!  Double Yay!! 

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  1. Yes, MSN is doing their thing again.  About the not worrying.  It isn\’t that I don\’t tend to have worry thoughts…as I have never been more bombarded by them.  Think it has to do with the hormonal changes of my age.  However…it is the TERMINATOR principle.  You know how in Hollywood movies the evil guy or creature constantly comes back after you think it is dead?  That is what worry reminds me of.  So I use the ANTI-TERMINATOR principle…using the same tactics as the TERMINATOR by bombarding my thoughts with HOPE.  (Phil. 4:8+9)  I am just stubborn.  Anyone can be stubborn.  It is what we do with our stubbornness.  The Lord does a better job of directing it than I do.
    Hope your dinner is extra special.  Looking forward to that blog.
    Love and hugs,

  2. About my now 17-year-old son not doing the math…I don\’t think he\’s ever paid attention to the number of anniversary as opposed to his number of birthdays.  lol  I couldn\’t have passed him off as a preemie even if I tried.  Ever hear of an 8 lb. 15 oz. preemie???  lol 
    Thanks for visiting!  Come by anytime!  :o)

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