It’s been a long day

 My poor little houseguest (classmate of Kiki’s) has basically cried all day.  We have her 2 nights because her parents are out of town.  I knew we’d have tears at nighttime, but assumed that during the day they’d be busy playing and having fun… instead, she sobbed off and on all day today.  (Remember, just because the date is officially ‘Thursday the 15th’ it’s still Wednesday night to me!)   She got herself so worked up that by this evening she was convinced she was sick and going to throw up – to the extent of making me get a bucket to have with her – and complained of a horrible headache.  I know she was just stressed – "worried sick" in the true sense of the phrase.  I talked to one of her older siblings tonight (they are all staying at various friend’s homes) and the sibling told me that our guest doesn’t ever get upset like this.  So I wonder, are we just freaking her out here??  Are we horrible hosts??  She had requested to stay here with Kiki…. so I’m not sure what happened.  I feel so bad!  Kiki has been an absolute doll.  She was so looking forward to having a little friend over, and yet they did not play at all today.  Far too much crying.  And I’m talking crying.  Not just tears, but body-shaking sobs.  But instead of acting disapointed, Kiki tried every thing she could think of to cheer her friend up.  Didn’t work, but she kept trying.  She’s such a tender hearted thing.  I am glad they are finally in bed asleep.  I don’t hear any crying, so sleep must have come. 
I believe sleep should come for me as well!  I could sure use it!
UPDATE:  This is totally weird, but the next day she was totally over it… and on the way to school, we talked about it a bit (not much – she’s a bit of a, well, "different" child and not always easy to get info out of) but, it would seem the deal is that since her parents were going to be on a cruise ship, she was somehow convinced (too many viewings of the Titanic??) that their boat was going to sink and her parents would be "lost at sea".   Geez.  Who’d have thought??

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  1. Well, Kiki\’s friend has me scratching my head at the moment.  LOVED your "10 minute Tidy"!  Was grinning from ear to ear.  Neat expression!  Thank you for your prayers.  They are appreciated and you know you have mine.
    Love and hugs,

  2. Honestly? I would have totally told her to snap out of it. Because I\’m kind and nurturing like that. Not a fan of the crying here. But Kiki was very sweet, which is good. Must get it from you — not me! lol

  3. At least it was good to see how kind and compassionate Kiki was in that situation.  🙂
    Hope you got some rest and that she has a better day today.

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