Where am I?? What day is it??

I think I am finally getting a really good grasp of that condition known as "I am a stay-at-home mom who is never at home."  Kiki and I joined a local homeschooling group that does a lot of activities together.  Now, we get quite a bit of the social stuff and what-have-you from the Co-op, but this is more, well, fun stuff.  Kiki goes to art class one day a week at a ceramics studio.  Another afternoon is choir/drama.  Then there are the ‘occasional but somewhat often’ field trips.  Today, Kiki had a leather-crafting class.  She made a bracelet and a coin purse.  She had a blast.  I nearly forgot to take her.  I did forget to take her to choir/drama last week.  It just seems like so much!  I have a big wall calendar… it’s all on there.  You’d think that would help.  I forget to look at the calendar.  And this "local" group….well, it’s actually the next county over…but I adore the little town it’s in… and it’s actually closer to us than school is…. sigh.   Gas is now over $3.00/gallon…  I get 17 mpg on a good day….  I think I need a tropical vacation…. sun…sand…surf….. ahhhhhhh

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  1. Had the pleasure of going to a Home Schooling Convention with one of my homeschooling friends a while back.  I had thought about homeschooling my own children…until my EX squelched that thought…as divorce does not leave a working mother with such options.  Having a good support system is so important when you home school.  Two of my homeschooling friends were teachers that gave up teaching to stay at home to teach their own children…and exchanged skills with other parents.  Also want to give you a pat on the back for making that choice…and believe that you will see the fruit of it in a big way… down the road…making the time you spent and activities you  participated in…all worth the effort…for Kiki\’s sake.
    Love and hugs,

  2. These days I definitely have to keep a chart to make sure I\’m getting everywhere I\’m supposed to!  Only thing I forget to look at the chart some times too.  hahahaha

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