Halloween ~ what a day ~ what a controversy

Do you ever struggle with doing what is "right"?  I mean, because maybe you aren’t sure "what is right"??   I’ve got that going on with Halloween.  Kiki  has never been trick-or-treating.  After she was scared beyond belief as a toddler when we opened the front door to give candy to what turned out to be seriously ghoulish teens, we decided we just didn’t want to celebrate it.  So, we have alternately hung out with family living in the boonies who don’t get anyone ringing their doorbells, or gone to "Harvest Festivals" at church or some other such Halloween alternatives, or just hid out in the back room watching TV and pretending not to be home. 
I trick-or-treated every year as a kid.  I loved it – I mean, hey, you get candy!  Halloween was not nearly as "gross" when I was a kid, though.  Kiki has never wanted to participate in the "scary holiday".  She even hates going into stores this time of year because she is very sensitive and just doesn’t want to see the nasty stuff.  This year, tho, she talked about how it might be fun to go trick-or-treating.  Probably because some of her friends go.  Probably because she wants candy!!  Our church isn’t doing an alternative thing this year.  We did get a list of other things going on, but Kiki didn’t want to do any of them.  She wants to dress up and hand out candy.  (she loves dressing up for any excuse!)  Hmmm.  And she wants to carve a pumpkin.  She’s never done that, either.  Deprived kid, I know.  We’ve always gone to the pumpkin patch, but just used the pumpkins whole as fall decorations.  I totally thought Alan would put the kibosh on her plan, but he didn’t.  Weird.  So today I bought candy.  Tomorrow (okay the date will be listed on this entry as the 31st, but I just haven’t gone to bed yet….) anyway, tomorrow we will carve pumpkins. 
I have Kiki’s costume almost done.  Luckily I started on that early, knowing she would dress up for whatever activity we did.  She is going to be an Elf Princess.  Check out the Circlet (crown, tiara) we made!  I think it’s pretty cool (patting myself on back).  The leaves are going on the hem of her gown.  I haven’t quite figured that part out yet.  But I will!

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  1. Cool! You are so creative!
    My kids go too … not for the scary stuff but they are all about dressing up (my girls are being football players!) and candy. Lots of CANDY!

  2. I agree with weimie…very creative!  Getting the balance in teaching children strong biblical principles… while making room for a good and healthy imagination…being allowed to enjoy the innocence and fun of childhood…and not being sucked into a blur when it comes to the current culture…is a real maze for Christian parents and families.

  3. We always have gone the route of "It\’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown",  I would be so bummed on the years I missed the tv special.  We have the video now  🙂
    Our small town would have a party for the kids, but we\’d also go house to house (if their porch light was on).  We would go to the grandpa and grandma\’s houses, too.
    Now we have a tradition of going to the birth parent\’s homes, too.  The town party was Saturday, so that should lighten up tonight.
    We don\’t go for evil or ghoulish.  For the party Sat. Jonathan put on a little devil costume that was in our attic that my nephew had worn.  For pre-school today he wore a Ninja Turtle costume that I got for 70% off yesterday at Toys R Us.  He was very excited!  Mariah\’s class wasn\’t supposed to wear costumes but could dress in orange.  Well, she didn\’t have orange.  However, I found a 60\’s dress her size (up in the attic) that was too cute that she wore with black tights
    We just enjoy the party.

  4. I forgot to tell you that I love the creative pieces that you made for Kiki\’s costume!  Looking forward to pictures.  🙂

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