What is wrong with this picture??


So, this is very stranGe…. look closely….just what is GoinG on here??  Yep, thinGs are indeed odd at Mama’s house.




Sure, maybe it’s a little gross.  We had the lid off the cage because, well, it was where our little rattie used to live that we had to have euthanized over the weekend… this was just the next day, and we hadn’t gotten it cleaned out and put away yet.  But, you have to admit it’s also pretty hilarious…the cat so loves to check out the rats, and I guess he figured this was a way to get as close as possible…and who knows, maybe it’s comfortable??


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  1. Hi Ann,
    Fellow nightowl   haha
    Cute pictures.  Most of those nine loads were towels and bedding.  I average 3-4 loads per day normally.  Funny thing, I actually enjoy doing laundry.  That is, when everything is funtioning.
    I also get a charge out of peeling potatoes for a meal!!!!!   Go figure.  Lately, however, I have been cooking them with their jackets on and mashing them with garlic, butter and sour cream.  Just cutting them up gives me the same sense of peacefulness, though.  How weird.   hahahahahahaha

  2. I wish!!!!   hahahahahaha
    We have a DVD laptop that we just take along.  I would love to have all the bells and whistles……  but I am married to a practical man!  hmmmm   You never know, though.  At this point we\’re looking at cloth seats  (I tried to tell him that leather is much easier to keep clean with a troop of kids!) and no sun roof.  (I have decided there will be no fast food eating in the new car while driving) 
    The first Acadia that I saw and had a chance to test drive was silver and loaded to the nines!  So I\’m still wishing for that one.  I love a sun roof and unless if you\’re in the top bracket you don\’t get an automatic remote end gate opener.
    Let\’s put it this way…  the Dodge van I\’m driving we bought new in 2005 and it has crank windows!!  I didn\’t even know they still made them that way.  hahaha
    He did install remote automatic locks and remote start.  I think I got spoiled with that during these frigid winters.  It sure is nice to get into a warmed up car when it\’s 30 below!
    I guess you can tell this is a passionate subject.
    And I really am not complaining……I do have my priorities straight.  🙂

  3. How funny!  I kind of thought the cat had met the rat in a not so nice way, too!  If you could only keep a cat contained like that!  hehe  So funny… Men\’s Advance, becasue they don\’t retreat.  I\’m going to have to remember that one, cause sometimes I definitly feel that way.  If I dare look like I\’mr etreating, it\’s all over with!
    The Golden Compass movie… I got some bad reviews on that one from the Christian community.  I\’m going to have to do a little bit of investigation on that oen, as I am most always dubious of "this movie is evil" kind of talk.
    Your pics are shuffling through just fine for me, but I noticed I was logged in with my MSN ID already.
    Hope the rest of your week goes well!
    Tammy  :):):)

  4. Ann,
    So funny!  Probably couldn\’t resist the smells and we know how cat curiousity can get them into all kinds of situations. 

  5. Ann,
    I wanted to thankyou and let you know how much I appreciate your prayers.  I also appreciated the heads up on what to expect.  The technician said they do also use the sandpaper on the women but would not use it on me because of being so hyper-allergic.  If they would have sandpapered I would have whelped and itched terribly…causing more complications.  I am not very hairy anyway…and certainly not in that area…so the monitors stayed in place just fine.
    So sorry about the loss of your little rat.  How is Kiki taking it all?  Rodents can make great pets and have their own little personalities. 
    Love and hugs,

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