A question about my Photos

I noticed something weird today, and I need some help from you out there….. this morning I came to my space without signing in first, and I noticed a bunch of my photo albums don’t show up.  In fact, my older albums all show the same date… Sept. 22… everything I’ve added since then doesn’t show up…unless I’m signed in.  So if you out there would post a quick comment on what/how you can see my photo albums, I’d really appreciate it!   Maybe an email to ‘Spaces’ general is in order…. Thank you in advance for clueing me in!

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  1. I tried looking at several different albums and I could see everything I tried to look at.  Of course, Spaces can be weird–I don\’t even try to understand any more.  Perhaps some of your albums have privacy setting and can only be viewed by a "friend."

  2. Ann,
    The albums all have different dates but you can\’t see the photos.  It says image not available.  Weird!  I have not noticed this on my space but who knows…..
    Have a great day!

  3. I do know that they have made it so you can set your pictures to allow different levels of viewing (or not), as KM has said, and it would make sense if you had it set a certain way, that general people could not see them.  But then again…strange things can happen here.  =)

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