This is NOT my idea of a great weekend

Alan left yesterday afternoon to attend our church’s men’s retreat…(which, by the way, they do not call a ‘retreat’….they call it a Men’s Advance…"because men don’t retreat they advance"….lol…oh brother…!)   That’s not the point here though.  Kiki and I were going to have a fun "Mother & Daughter Weekend".  He left, (and we’d ‘made nice’ to each other beforehand – because we’d barely talked for the last three days over a stupid misunderstanding) – he’s not gone 5 minutes when Kiki starts sobbing hysterically….she has ‘separation anxiety’ issues…. I think because of my sister’s death….well, we get that under control, then the dog starts puking all over the carpet.  Ah, geez…so I get that cleaned up, leave the dog out for awhile…then….wasn’t it just a couple days ago I said the rat was acting fine?  Yeah, well, so I go into the den and the rat is lying on her side, stiffly….not looking good at all.  I call Kiki down from her room and we sit on the daybed, holding the rat (who basically doesn’t move for the duration of an entire movie that we pop in to watch)  and the whole time I am thinking she will die in our arms…but, no.  Poor thing.  By now, Kiki is on the edge of hysteria again, and I’m not doing a whole lot better.  We put poor M. back in her cage (placing food and water within her reach, tho doubting the neccessity) and we leave and go to a movie theater.  We watched…uhmmm…Oh!  The Game Plan, which was just cute and lighthearted fun so it kept our minds off the inevitable.  When we got home….M. was still alive.  But hadn’t moved.  We go to bed (queen size bed – me, Kiki, the dog, the cat).  Next morning, the rattie is still hanging in there.  I get online to see if there is some humane method of ‘home euthanasia’ but I don’t find one.  I call the vet we used for the rat before to see if we can bring her in to be put to sleep (our local dog and cat vet thinks the humane method of rat disposal is as snake food…jerk)  It is hard to find a vet that does "Pocket Pets", and even harder to find one who is open on a Saturday.  I can’t really imagine taking the rat to the Emergency Vet Clinic…. but, I’m told that they are all full today… how about next week?  Right.  By the grace of God I find another vet who does rodents and is open Saturday mornings… they say they will fit us in.  It’s four towns away but that’s what I got, so I’m going for it.  One thing you should know is that Alan took my SUV to the retreat because he was giving some other men a ride…which leaves me with his little manual-transmission pick up.  I don’t drive it often.  My skills are rusty.  So the poor, practically-paralized rat has to get jostled every time I shift…thank goodness the drive was mostly freeway!  The vet was horribly busy, and we waited over an hour to get in.  They all kept apologizing for the wait…I think particularly because of what we were waiting for.  The vet suspected right away that she was blind, and a quick test confirmed that.  It was probably either a stroke or a brain tumor.  It was awful, at any rate.  Kiki did not want to be there while he euthanized her, so we went outdoors….the sun popped out for just the briefest of moments, so it was nice while we waited out there.   The vet was a very, very nice man.  I would definately go there again if the little creatures in our home are in need.  We had thought ahead, and brought a little cardboard box and old washrag.  I wrapped M. up, and we went to my parent’s house (they have the acre so they are the family ‘pet cemetary’)  Criminy their dirt is hard.  I had to use the pickaxe.  I am in really bad condition.  I need to work out.  I hope this hole is deep enough.  We had a lovely little ceremony; Kiki, myself, Nana, Aunt L., and cousin N. 
On the way home we stopped at the market.  When we got home, the bag carrying the milk and 2liter of soda ripped….crap.  Nothing spilled, we’ll just have to wait to open the Dr. Pepper.  sigh  Kiki tries to open the door from the garage to the house, and she can’t because it’s locked.  Which is weird because I only lock that at night.  So I unlock it.  But it’s still locked.  rattle rattle wiggle jiggle….Nothing.  We finally end up going around through the front door, and it appears the doorknob is broken somehow.  No matter what I do, it is locked tight.  I even tried taking the knob apart, but I’m not much of a locksmith…it’s still stuck. 
I voluteered to substitute teach 2nd grade Sunday School tomorrow.  Now Kiki is lying down on the bed crying because her throat hurts.  I think it is nearly time to curl up in bed and cry.  That is the only reasonable thing to do at this point. 

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  1. Oh gosh. I\’m sorry …. poor kiki, what a lot to handle in one day. Poor kiki\’s momma…. what a lot to handle in one day! Sounds like you did the best thing possible for the animal though – I\’m sorry you guys had to go through it all, especially with your hubby gone for the weekend.

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