Poor, poor Fluffanutter

Poor Kitty boy.  Went to the vet today to get "tutored", lol.  Guess what he learned is dang my people are heartless.   Of course, leave it to my pet to have issues… he was, well, he had one undescended object which needed removing, if you get my drift.  (you know you have to watch what you write here to avoid strange ‘googl*ing’!!)  It seems to only happen in 1 – 2% of cats.  So, of course, my pet.  Murphy’s law and all that.  Fortunately, it was not the ‘worst case’ scenario – it wasn’t up into his abdomen, which I guess requires major surgery … he did require a bigger incision and some stitches, though.  Poor little dude.  He’s been hunched up in the most uncomfortable looking little clump tonight…I really do feel bad for him.  At least he is hanging out with the family.  Unlike our last cat, who came home from the vet and hid out under the bed for a full week.  This guy is a bit more forgiving, I think!  So get this… the instructions say "don’t let your pet lick the incision."  Uh, do your cats lick their bum?!  Like, totally??!  "Do not allow any jumping, running or playing."   Yeah, we’re talking about a kitten here, folks!!  Should I duct tape him up inside the closet??     

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