Strange happenings…the Witch Dr., part 2

So I went to see the herbalist on Thursday.  I have to tell you, that his methods seem strange.  How he ‘decides’ what you need to be taking.  I can’t see a bit of science in it, but he seems to have had great results with several people I know…so I take it all with "a dose of salt" and see what comes, you know?  So he asks me why I’m visiting him, and we talk about the problem I’ve been having with the bronchitis, pnuemonia, etc.  He goes into telling me how very often, unremedied – undealt with – emotions and grief can cause a lot of problems with our respiratory system.  That the Chinese have understood this connection for ages.  He gives me several examples of people he’s treated.  Now, you have to understand that at this point, he knows nothing about me, other than the physical symptoms I’ve told him about.  So he asks me, how long have you struggled with this, and have you been having other symptons, like allergies or sinus problems? … well, yes, and it’s just been the last four years…I never had any of these problems before then, and it’s been terrible the last four years.  Since we moved back here.  (and see, I’ve thought maybe I’m allergic to something here, altho we lived here for 9 years previously and I never had these problems…)   "And has anything emotionally hard happened in the last four years?"   Uhhh…yeah.  We moved back here to help my family, because my little sister was going in and out of the psychiatric hospital.  Serious issues.  A year later she died, totally unexpectedly, and in a weird way.  ( Does that seem hard enough?? )  As I am telling him this, I am sobbing… and honestly, I would have told you I was doing alright.  Maybe I’m not so alright??  It gets stranger…. Alan and I have been taking this marriage course, right?  The one biggest issue we’ve had is that our home is a total disaster.  I have become a huge slob, to the point of, well, we can’t have people over becasue it would be embarrassing.  Alan would feel more loved if his home was a sanctuary from the world…but I try, honest, and can’t pull it off.  And Alan had been saying (before my trip to the herbalist) how it has really just been since we moved here.  I wasn’t like this before.  What is different?  After my visit, and I shared this with Alan, we were both like……hmmmm.  Weird.  Oh, and I forgot to mention…other symptoms according to the dr. were ‘foggy thinking’ ‘unable to focus’ ‘problems accomplishing tasks’….?!?!?!  Oh. And yesterday, I was about to take a shower before church, and I broke out in hives.  What the….???  I felt an itch on my thigh, and in 5 minutes it was down both legs, up both sides into my armpits, and down both arms….just two minutes ago, I felt an itch on my knee…. and it’s happening again!!  I popped some more Benadryl, but I think I’ll call the herbalist and ask if it’s something in the herbs he gave me….urgh…itchy itchy itchy….

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