Do you know what this object is??? See my pics….

Thursday morning I dropped Kiki off at the Co-op, headed over to the local java shop with a few of the other moms for a little chit-chat, then took girlie-dog for a walk along the river.  We came across a very interesting thing…I’ve posted a few pictures of it for you to check out.  My guess it that it is some sort of military issue tent…it even had windows – with frames and screens – and a hole for a stove pipe, it looked like.  Why it was laying in a vacant lot near the river walk is a bit of a wonder…maybe someone stole it and then got scared, so they dumped it off?  Who knows.  Anyway, take a look at it, alright?  Let me know if you can make a "positive I.D." on it…just ’cause I’m curious!

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  1. Personally, I think you should try to set it up, see what it looks like.  Perhaps it can be a secret hide-away for you!  j/k  Thanks for stopping by my space – and I am loving yours!  The fairy tree is awesome, how do you have the energy to do this stuff?  My friend home schools as well and I so admire her for it, she belongs to a co-op and is very close with the other moms.  Me?  I work for Verizon 5 days a week solving the DSL problems for New England (and frequently elsewhere).  My daughter is a hard worker and homework is very important to her…although she struggles with French, and I took 10 years of French and LOVED IT…is she really MY daughter?
    I am also into natural methods of healing…because my daughter has tough time with strep, I have her on a regimen of probiotics and andrographis to help build up her immune system and prevent issues in her gut (she is also on penicillin therapy).  I pray one day to have her penicillin free and her own body effectively fighting the strep.
    I have asked to add you as a friend, hope you will stop by more often!  (G and I have met in person a couple times, she is even more wonderful in person than she is in her blog!  What a blessing she is to me!)
    Take care,  Lols =)

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