My visit to the “witch doctor” heeheehee ~ Part 1

First of all, it’s grey and rainy again.  Which I like.  Which explains why I didn’t mind living in Seattle. 
But, to the point of this blog entry.  I went to see my herbalist.  I took Kiki with me so she’d see he is really just a normal looking, 60-ish man who is very kind.  Calling him a witch doctor was probably not the best idea I’ve had   So, in we went, because this cold has been settling into my chest and I really don’t want to have another round of pnuemonia.  Silly me,eh.  $123.00 later,  I have some stuff that might help.  Ouch.  That’s even the ‘discount’ price for clients….yeeesh.  He’s really into, well, herbs, duh, and Chinese medicines and methods.  Well, the Chinese have had some pretty good success at this stuff, so it’s to be considered.  I’m sick and tired of our Western medical ideas of "cut it or dose it with chemicals."  He got rid of my pnuemonia last winter when my MD couldn’t.  And no side effects! 
Oh, shoot….I forgot that I need to run Kiki to the store for a birthday gift and then to her friend’s party!  I need to go….but, I had an interesting chat with the herbalist that I really want to share.  Like where my health problems might be coming from…and it’s not germs.   might be because I’m crazy…. you all had a pretty good idea of that, didn’t ya?!! 
More to follow……

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  1. Thanks for coming back to MY site this time.  I started to put this on my space, but then realized you might not come back to read it!   When it comes to this "Spaces" thing, I may not be too tech savy.  Ann, you mentioned that you have fairies in your living room…. I believe our homes should be an expression of what makes us happy, not what Martha Stewart or Homes and Gardens (or God forbid, Pottery Barn) thinks.  It sounds like your fairies make your heart sing and that is all that matters.  Our lodge is furnished with bear lamps, elk paintings, and lots of cozy nooks where you can curl up and read….there are no Martha colors here.   We watch our woodland fairies from the great room window…..along with a few  deer, turkeys, bobcats, red and gray fox, and bobcats.  My husband put out a salt lick that they all seem to enjoy.   Those woodland fairies are about to get dumped on  with a ton of leaves, I am afraid.  The fall colors are with us, but never for very long.   I cannot remember where home is for you, but it seems to me I remember the mention of mountains?   Maybe you are enjoying golden aspens?   Please come visit again and I plan to do the same, coming to yours.

  2. I love rainy, drizzly weather.  We got a good dose of it ourselves today.  Finally!
    I\’m interested to see what your herbalist said!  I\’ll stay tuned.
    Take care,

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