Car pooling finally pays off

I got a call first thing this morning…."sorry I didn’t call last night" (ya think??!) but would you like me to pick Kiki up this morning?"  Well, heck yeah!  Normally, I’d rather take her myself (I’m weird that way – it’s good dicussion time) and she prefers it – she still likes me to walk her to her class… which in the co-op we are supposed to, so I’m not just being the ‘hovering’ mom, lol!   But since this morning I am feeling dang miserable, I was all for it!  My cold seems to be moving down into my chest….great.  I am going to call the herbalist and see if he has any ideas to get me healthy.  I’ve about given up on the regular medical field.  So it was just very  nice to send Kiki off and lay back down, even if I couldn’t sleep.  Shoot, it’s noon and I’m still in my jammies!   aaahhhhh
It’s been very grey and rainy here.  I turned on the heat today for the first time.  I’ve loved sitting in front of the fireplace!  It’s so cozy.  Well, I’m going to go make my phone call now and see what can be done….

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  1. I hope you are feeling better soon.  When you do – I will be here, anxiously awaiting the explanation of the class you are taking at church and why it is riling you up.

  2. Hi Ann.  I\’m sorry you are not feeling well.  I hope you are better for the weekend. 
    I too, love fall.  I just wish that we had more of a fall season here in So. Ca.  The temps are starting to dip slightly and there was some talk of rain but I haven\’t seen it.  Oh well.  I\’ll have to wait a bit longer to start a fire in the fireplace.
    That pumpkin dinner looked amazing – I need to try that.
    Take care,

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