Dinner in a Pumpkin

This is certainly a red letter day for me!!  I not only made dinner for my family, but they both actually liked it!!  Will wonders never cease.  Many years ago, I was in a MOPS group (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) and we had a fall potluck where someone made this ‘meal in a pumpkin’ thing….I loved it;  and as the weather has turned suddenly quite cold and the leaves begin to turn golden, I thought of that meal, and found a recipe on the internet.  Made it, ate it, yummy.  Slightly different from the one I remember, but still awfully good!  Alan didn’t even offer up one "but maybe if you’d done…" so I know he really really liked it.  Kiki said it was the best meal she’d ever eaten….WOW.  I scored big with this one! 
I will try to  remember to post the recipe on here for anyone interested.  Kids will love it because you serve it right in the pumpkin, so it’s fun!

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  1. Hi Ann,
    Can\’t wait to see the recipe and try it.  Sounds delicious and the kids would think it was a hoot, for sure!
    I always enjoy when I score a hit out of the ball park like that.  Sounds like it is probably pretty good for you.
    Have a great day!

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