May I be excused? My brain is full.

Wow.  The last two days have been so informative and…even fun!  The speaker has been absolutely fabulous, and I love his methods.  It’s all about teaching our children to be able to write quality papers, essays, reports…. actually, it’s about teaching children to think.  Which is something our public school system has been systematically teaching students not to do.  Public schools teach children to answer questions…. I believe it is our responsiblity to teach our children to ask questions.  To be able to think for oneself is to be able to lead, to follow the right things, to make a stand for those things which matter.  I know a lot of you out there are teachers, and I am not unhappy with you….there are some wonderful teachers in the public schools; my brother-in-law is one (and his wife – my sister – homeschools!)…it’s the system that is broken.  It has been for a long time.  I remember when I worked at the bank as a loan processor, I ended up being the "designated memo/letter writer" because most of the secretaries couldn’t string together three decent sentences!  It was crazy.  And it has only gotten worse.  I am so thankful that I am blessed to be in a situation that I am able to homeschool!
Stepping down from my soapbox…. I hope I haven’t offended anyone…but I hope I made someone think….
Right now, however, my mind is on total overload.  My brain feels, tonight, like my stomach does on Thanksgiving day….uncomfortably full!  The problem is, we were taught in two days the information that we are now supposed to implement over the entire school year…. talk about cramming!  Tomorrow it is Kiki’s turn – she will have a 2 hour class.  I actually think she is going to enjoy it!  This guy so totally gets kids….I think he’ll be fun.  We parents can sit in to watch what they do in their session, but we are to be banished to the back of the room….so we don’t cramp the kids’ style, I suppose! 
Of course, I haven’t done a thing around the house, but I think I  have a great excuse, so I am not even worrying about it!

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  1. What an awesome experience!  I just love learning and going to classes.  I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch my kids in their classes!
    I think it would be fun taking that class with you!  haha 
    Have a great weekend…

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