Scrambled Ramblings of a Tired Mind


Is it just me, or does it seem really weird to have instructions for a blind person (Braille and a place to plug in headphones for oral instructions) on a drive-up ATM??

Why is it that it’s past midnite, and yet my 10 yr. old daughter just yelled downstairs to me that she needs "another hug"??

Today was one of the Top Ten crappy days.  We didn’t get any school done..;  oh, wait, she did do her Handwriting, and I just found the book on the livingroom floor with the cover mangled and torn.  What??  We had a lovely little argument this morning…. because – as usual – she wasn’t paying attention, and this time it meant her spilling my just-poured mug of hot coffee all over my arm, the desk, my lesson plans, the desk chair, the carpet.. etc, etc,  Then Alan called and wanted me to bring his laptop to him…which was fine, obviously we needed a break from our morning… but then he was irritated with me because it took me too long to get there….. (sorry, he didn’t say it was urgent)  and as I was pulling out I hit the side of the garage door opening with my car side mirror and smooshed the wood….. uh, how long have I used this particular garage now??? Idiot.   Today was supposed to be house cleaning day.  Ha ha ha.  That’s all I have to say about that. Then we got to the library too late and it was closed.  And I cannot get my stinkin’ checkbook to balance and I’ve been trying since yesterday!!!! 

I believe I should have gone back to bed this morning and started over.  Or just stayed there.  I will go to bed now.



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  1. Hmmmm….well, I hate it when days like that happen. I gave up trying to balance my checkbook a few….. um…. months…. ok… actually….. YEARS ago. I just sorta kinda check what\’s gone through online and hope and pray for the best. Lame, I know, but there it is. :o)
    and yes, I wonder all the stinkin time WHERE it is I\’m going….

  2. We use Quicken.  The trick is, which I\’ve mastered, is for GMan to hand over the reciepts for everything.  He\’s such a good little soldier.  Hope your day is better.   About the braille….what I want to know is why we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway. 

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