So the answer is probably ‘no’

I went over to my parent’s house today, and my mom and I looked up GERD (reflux) in her Mayo Clinic Health Answers book.  We read about the surgery, and it said that "many patients don’t have symptoms again for as much as 5 years."  Wait – This isn’t a one time fix??  I could have the surgery (and all that entails and implies) and be back to struggling with the reflux in a matter of just a few years??!  Well, call me a cynic, but that seems just plain stupid.  Of course, the book also had to say that one of the biggest causes – or, at least, exasperators – of GERD is …. yeah, being overweight.  Okay OKAY already, I get it!!  Not that I didn’t get it before.  I think I am a food addict.  I know that I am seeking fulfillment in ‘being full’.  It is that feeling of happiness and pleasure, albeit a very shortlived one.  And I am going to be a "shortlived one" if God doesn’t help me get a grip. 
Poor Kiki…tonight she was getting ready to go to AWANA, and for some silly reason she aparently stepped up on the scale.  She weighed more than she expected.  She says to me "mama, I really want us to start eating healthy…I really want to be pretty."  It’s bad enough to be ruining my own health and looks, but it sure isn’t fair to be taking my little one down with me.
On a lighter note:
Can someone explain to me why I have to download and install the "Live Writer" every time I want to use it??  Shouldn’t that be a one-time deal?  Like I’ve said before, I am techno-challenged.. and this is beginning to irritate me!
Hey, don’t you just think my little kitty is a cutie-pie?  Big pain-in-the-booty, though, lol!

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  1. You should only have to download/install Windows Live Writer once. After that you can get to it from Start | Programs | Windows Live | Windows Live Writer. Hope that helps! 

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