Today’s Question: Should I get the surgery?


Today was the 3rd day in a row that I threw up.  Which isn’t pretty.  Which is why my font today is.  But maybe it’s too pretty.  Gosh, can you even read this?

Alrighty then, something fun, instead…but maybe smaller…

You have to understand, I am just having some fun, here!  Oh, how I love nifty new fonts!  But back to the issue at hand….surgery.  I have reflux because I have a Hiatal hernia.  Which means that the sphincter muscle (yeah, I said ‘sphincter’ – go ahead, laugh, you know you want to – get it out of your system – are ya done??) anyway, it’s the muscle between the bottom of the esophagus and the stomach.  What it is supposed to do is open up when you need to swallow food, then close up tight until you need food to go down again.  The trouble is, mine does not close.  It’s something you are born with, but it didn’t use to cause me too much grief.  I had lots of undiagnosed tummy aches when I was a kid, and then in my teens and twenties, I would have terrible indigestion if I went too long in between meals.  But that was it.  When I became pregnant for the 1st time at 35, I began to throw up.  A lot.  At least once a day, every day, the whole pregnancy.  I even threw up a few times in the delivery room.  And I have had trouble ever since.  It would seem that the hormonal ‘soft muscle’ thing and the constant puking stretched it out worse than it had been before.  I had a…I forget what you call it, a scope thingy, where they put a camera down your esophagus and check you out.  The doctors think I should have surgery to pull it tight again.  Which seems cool, except it’s a one-way fix…you can swallow, but you can never throw up again…ever.  Not even if you have the flu.  Which seems like an issue.  But after years of medicine to keep the barfing at bay, I am thinking that maybe surgery is the better option.   My insurance company quit paying for the meds that worked well.  Surprise.  This week I tried something else, and I am downright miserable.  So, medicine only when I am feeling the need to throw up, or medicine every single day for the rest of my life to keep me from throwing up…. That is the question.


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  1.  Wow~ that is really extreme 😛
    It\’s a quality of life issue- if you would feel better more of the time, then I\’d think it would be worth it.

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