The Fairy Tree

Take a look at my pics for my latest ‘creation’.  Kiki had some birthday money and bought a set of Disney Fairy figurines at the Disney Store.  (Do you remember how cool those stores were when they first opened?  They were just like the gift shops on Disneyland’s Main Street.  Now they are one more ‘cheap stuff for not cheap’ kind of places…but, I digress…)  Anyway, those little dolls got my artist’s eye seeing…. on a walk with my dog, I picked up some tree branches, went to the dollar store for some silk florals, dug in my craft closet for beads, jewelry wire and fine glitter dust, and voila…. the fairy tree was born.  I am sure I am way more excited about it than she;  she has far too many toys, not to mention that she flies through "favorite things" at the speed of light….after my week of imagining and creating, she has moved beyond fairies to something else….I supppose…. she hasn’t really said, but it’s how it usually goes.  But I had a brilliant time making it!  I need to find a way to make money off my little ‘creative bursts’  …

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  1. Very cool and totally creative, way to go!
    My daughter is the same way with everything.  Food, toys, whatever…  She loves things for a split second and then off to the new thing.  Oh, what are you gonna do? 

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