The best intentions…..

So, I was gonna blog some….but I decided to ‘blogwalk’ first…and now my family is like "are you ever getting off the computer??" so I guess I’d better go… I’ll be back….that’s not a threat… 

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  1.  Ann- You might think about buying your husband a fashionable basket for all his pocket stuff.  If you get one that\’s deep enough it won\’t even show… I would need one the size of those big rubbermaid tubs for my hub.  Aye Gad, he drops more stuff at the door than you can believe – the shoes and briefcase are my biggest peeves!
    We have kind of an open floor plan, too.  My dream is to remodel so you can\’t see the living room from the front door – \’living\’ would be the key word there.  It NEVER looks neat.

  2. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment.  We really appreciate the thoughts and prayers.  It\’s amazing how it sustains us during this crazy life we\’re living right now!   Our daughter Carole in California is big on juicing and being as natural as possible.  I\’m glad Dave is finally on board with drinking carrot and beet juice!  Carole has been talking about the living enzymes in food being so important.  I\’ve even heard about Raw Food diets.  I was trying to figure out how you could eat raw bread, but then I read that it\’s made in a dehydrator.  The recipes actually sounded good!  I may get really creative here!  I just heard yesterday about microwave popcorn causing cancer and I was ready to throw up my hands and RUN!
    I\’m not crazy about chemo either, but???
    Well, have a great week and stay healthy…

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