Geez…where have I been??

Huh…you’d think I was busy or something….  Things were going so well, I should’ve known it couldn’t last!  Today, we had our 1st meeting with a new homeschool group.  It’s just a real casual, once-a-month type thing… it just started 2 hours earlier today than I’d thought….duh… So we didn’t have much schooling done when we realized we had to go.  Now.  So we had to finish lessons this afternoon, which is never the best thing to do.  Plus, she had to do an "About Me" poster to share in class tomorrow, which we actually finished quite late.  We have a neighbor who is a widow and has severe back issues…Alan and I have been helping her out here and there, and she called tonight and needed to put a gazebo back up that had blown down in our last little windstorm.  So, we did that when we should’ve been making the poster.   But, I think helping someone in need is another lesson that should be taught to our children, so even though I will be putting up with a grouch monster in the morning, it was a good teaching moment!
Well, I am off to bed.  Last night I had a severe bout of my reflux and got up twice to throw up… urgh.  Then I had insomnia….so I got up and had a little glass of wine to help me out…two sips and I had to throw up again.  The surgery is beginning to look like a better option all the time!
Maybe tomorrow I’ll do a blogwalk… and my "8 new things about me" list…. 

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  1.  Go easy on yourself!  Health issues NEVER stay in check when you stress.  It\’s a homeschool group, they\’ll get over any seemingly unready issues.  Doing for others IS a good lesson to teach and not often one that is planned.
    Have a great week!

  2. Sounds to me that Kiki is learning the most important things about life just fie.  And I bet her poster is great!
    Hope you\’re feeling better… 

  3. Hi Ann.  I love the homeschool poster/board – no hissy fits!  LOL!  It seems that I am always saying that I\’m catching up because I find myself on Spaces less and less.  It is always good to visit you and read about life and (mis)adventures with your family.  I\’m glad that Kiki seems to like school – even math!
    I hope you have a great week.

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