The Homeschool Day So Far….



Well, so far, so good!  We got started a little bit late, but that is because I forgot to set my alarm…oopsie.    Things are going well…she’s doing math right now, and not even screaming!  Wow.  We’ve had lunch, I have a load of dishes in and a load of laundry in the dryer….best school day morning we’ve had…. of course, this is just the beginning of this year, but I’m talking past years as well.   Wonder how long I can keep it up?!

Our weather today is fabulous!  Grey and rainy, which is nice because I can turn off the AC and open the windows.  Somehow it makes it seem more like a school day as well…that whole "fall feeling", I suppose.    Kiki went out and played in the hail just a bit ago…it didn’t last long, but she had fun.   I can’t say the same for the dog, who she drug outside with her…!   

Okay…I just had to go over and check Kiki’s math answers.  I was right…Saxon math is weird.  It’s going to take some getting used to (for me, that is…Kiki seems to be totally on it.) 

How do you like our "School Rules"?!  lol.   I’m totally doing the "Behavior By Bribery" bit again this year…hey, it works for us!


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  1.  I certainly applaud you for your efforts on Kiki\’s behalf!  I was a public school teacher for over 32 years and it certainly is very different today than it was when I began in 1969.  I have to say that overly permissable parents are a big factor and a lack of respect for authority figures is another.  I can\’t tell you the number of times I heard, \’My child would never do that.\’   Believe me, you have no idea what your child would do in your absence!  They are trying to impress their friends and whether or not you\’re there, is moot to them!!!  Another problem I saw tremendous growth in was a lack of developing a work ethic by having children perform chores for the family unit.  They act as if they are lords and ladies in waiting and the world are their servants.  How do they expect to perform at a job if they don\’t know how to WORK? 
    That\’s enough of my ranting, but as you can see, I feel very strongly about all of the ills of today\’s youth.  The feelings of entitlement are just amazing to me.  It doesn\’t bode well for the future of this nation or any other.
    Keep the faith and keep the prayers going up!!

  2. Hey- you were in CA & I didn\’t know it?! I\’m so slacking on my blog walk- wonder what else I missed?
    Vacaville is roughly 50 miles north west of Pleasanton- not a bad drive as long as you don\’t try to go thru the Bay Area 😛 You all certainly picked a horrible weekend for that particular trip, but a day in IKEA almost makes up for the weather 🙂 
    Laundry Lovers Unite!

  3. I\’m a total fan of parenting by bribery.  I admire your courage, doing the homeschooling.  I would have eaten my young long ago.  Hang in there, I\’m sure it will be a great year!

  4.  I, too, am using Saxon math for the first time this year.  So far I like it, but it is taking me some getting used to as well.  I was hired just a couple of weeks before school started to teach first grade.  After 6 months of not working, it is exhausting me getting back into the groove.  I\’ve never taught first before, so that is another adjustment for me.  I\’m used to second and third graders.  My goal right now is to have a weekend where I don\’t spend any time over at the school.  Good luck with Kiki school year!  It sounds like you are off to a good start! 

  5. Hey you.
    Yep, I\’m with Meg. Been a blogwalking slacker again. Didn\’t I just tell you I was going to get better? Sheeze… gotta learn to either put my money where my mouth is or shut UP! ;o) So glad to hear you have started off so well and love the board! I\’m with ya on the bribery thing. A dollar goes a long way, apparently. :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  6.  This is great!  I love the board.  I don\’t like hissy fits here either.  We\’ll keep you in prayer for your homeschooling.
    Take care…

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