Homeschool Plans

So it begins.  Yikes.  Today was Kiki’s first day of 4th grade.  I can’t believe it!   She was so stressed out, didn’t want to go at all.  This afternoon I picked her up and she says "I love school!  It is so much fun!  I like math, too!"  If you remember, math is the ‘most hated of subjects’ ~ up til now, I guess.  We are doing Saxon math this year…it’s done a bit different, so I am the one who’s freaking out, now.  How sad is it when you wonder if you’ll be able to teach 4th Grade math??   Honest, I did do the 4th grade myself once.  I don’t know why, but I am feeling very nervous about starting up this year.  New curriculum and all…but, it’s changed every year, and we’ve done okay so far… I don’t know what the deal is this year.  I am sure once we get started and back into a schedule it’ll be alright.
This year, I intend to do things a bit differently… a bit better.  I am going to set my alarm and get up at a reasonable hour, get Kiki up, and both of us get dressed before we start school.  No more being in our jammies ’til 2pm.  I want to get started on our lessons by 9:00.  One of the great things about homeschooling is that you can get your core work done pretty quickly so – in theory – you have time to do other things…enrichment types of things.  The Library.  Museums.  Arts and Crafts.  Last year we were just so dang lazy…we got all our schoolwork done, but we lazed around so long in the morning before starting that we often were getting wrapped up just as Alan was getting home from work.  Now, I enjoyed that.  I like my jammies, and I do not like morning.  However, I want to do so much more.  Last year it seemed like we just "made it through", and this year I’d like to have a bit more fun
We are also going to make sure we start off each morning with devotions.  Last year that was very "hit and miss", and I truly believe this will set us off on a better path each day.  Another thing that I think will help is that we are going to be doing school in a different room this year.  It’s not the room itself… it’s just that last year, we did it in the bonus room…so one half of the room was our "school" and the other half was Kiki’s playroom.  That was so not condusive to organization!   Kiki would have a gigantic mess in there, and it seriously messed with my head.  Some days I just went ballistic on her because of it!  Somehow, if the space around me is messy, my head is "messy".  Totally makes it hard to stay on task.  So this year, the schoolroom is just the schoolroom and office.  No toys allowed.  I really believe it’s going to help.  (of course, now Alan is talking about moving, and I am like ‘hey, no way, I just have the place organized!’  sheesh
Well, in order for this to work, I need to get to bed at a decent time…so I’ve already blown it because it is past midnite.  That’s about typical for me!  Just remember Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer’s song….There’s always tomorrow for dreams to come true… 

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  1. Ann,
    I love this blog!  It is so ripe with hope.  I think we have a lot of similarity.
    Your ideas for success sound wonderful and I will pray this will be a great year.  How fun for Kiki to be excited about math and 4th grade!
    We still haven\’t heard anything from Mayo.  I am trying to just maintain during this time of uncertainty.  I know God has a plan for us. 
    I like the idea of morning devotions and that  is something I\’ve always thought about.  But I\’ve never done it regularly.  That is my new goal, Ann.  Thank you for inspiring me.  🙂

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