I am soooo tired….

I had a great trip!  My sis and I had a lot of fun, and some good conversation.  Thanks for your prayers!  The bad parts of the trip were simply the fact that we drove right down and back – quite tiring – and the fact that my air conditioning quit the night of the first day…which means that the 2nd day we had no air conditioning…all throughout Sacramento, Reno and the entire Nevada desert….urgh….can you imagine???  Can You Imagine???  Thank goodness for my insane obsession with IKEA…we spent a good deal of the morning shopping there, so we actually missed driving in the hottest part of the day!  Haha!  Not to mention I bought some cool doo-dads…hehehe…..  

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  1. I\’m glad you had such a great trip.  good stuff!
    No air conditioning?  Holy cow, that would stink.  I\’ve actually been trying to save money so I haven\’t been turning it on for a few days, whew it is hot in here!  It was 93 in Indy today, fortunately the house stays pretty cool on the bottom floor, where our bedroom is.  The poor peanut stays in the heat.  We are expecting a cool down Thursday, yeah!
    Take care,

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