Ta ta for now…

Well, I’m off…but you already knew that, didn’cha!!  lol.  Thanks to you who posted with some suggestions.  I’ll be thinking positive thoughts!  It made me get my car totally cleaned out, so the trip has already had some positive outcome, lol. 
Well, gotta run… I’m late I’m late I’m late…..

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  1. I pray that you have a safe trip and that you keep up the right stand with your sister.  As long as you speak as He would, you will be fine.  Bless you, gail 

  2. Hi Ann,
    I\’m praying that you have a blessing of a trip and that the Lord guides your words as He opens your sister\’s ears and heart.  I will also pray for the relationship between Kiki and her cousin.
    You might not see immediate results, but have faith.
    Have a great weekend! 

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