(Mis)Adventures in technology

Sure – every time a child receives a gift, it somehow requires parental effort of some sort…time, money, or both.   Now, I am perfectly adept at putting together a Playmobil set (in fact, I quite enjoy it…I should’ve been a builder of some kind!)  However – the iPod is a completely different matter.  It didn’t even come with a users manual!  You have to download and print it if you want one…. 60 pages….!!  Humph.  I can’t believe her Grandma bought her this!  Those tiny suckers are expensive!!  So far, we have one CD – Barlow Girl – downloaded to it.  It’s a start, I guess.  My computer is even too old and slow for it!  When I plugged it in, I got this message that the "device" I’d plugged in would not work properly because my USB port is too slow…and that I don’t even have a high-speed port on my computer…. it’s a dinosaur, I guess!  It still seems new to me.  Maybe because am a dinosaur? 

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