Just a quick note before bed…..

First of all, if any of you understands the "Live Writer" thingy, I need help!… I downloaded it, and that one time, I was able to use it.  Now, I clik on the little book icon down at the bottom of this page, and it’s just like it wants me to download it again…is there some way I am supposed to get into it that I don’t know about?
sometimes I just hate the whole computer, HTML, stuff-I-don’t-understand part of this business….
I think I am putting a picture of Kiki getting her new "doo" in this entry…but since I can’t get back into the Live Writer I can’t see it, so I’m not sure…uurrgghh….
It must be bedtime… I will get back on here tomorrow and see if I am more clear-minded to figure this stuff out!

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  1. It\’s in there, so you must have done it correctly!  Great job, girlfriend.  Keep on writing.  It starts my day off right every time I see you\’ve added some bits of wisdom and whimsy.

  2. If I could be of any help whatsoever….well, I simply am lost when it comes to this stuff. In the early 90\’s I was considered computer saavy…that can\’t be said of my present computer literacy. Actually the same thing happened to me. Went to my DH and he just stared at me as if I had once again messed up something on my computer. I hate those looks !  I do see the pic !
    Have a great week…..
    Nan to Ethan 

  3. Hi Ann,
    I\’m sure the girls had a fabulous time at the spa.  The picture of the cute doo is great.
    Hope all is well. 

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