Kiki’s Sleepover ~ so far, so good!

Ten years old…my baby’s growing up!!
Well, the girls are in bed, and since I’ve heard no noises from up there in awhile, I’m guessing they are asleep.  This other little girl is so much like Kiki!!  It’s unreal.  I guess it’s why they are "BFF"’s, lol… Kiki tends to be very bossy and wants to be in control of "the game" (whatever that might be) and she definately has her match in this friend!  I was listening to them play…  It goes like this:  "okay, so I was a princess, but you didn’t know that, and you own a shop, and I’m going to be coming in…"  This is exactly the kind of thing I hear coming from Kiki on a regular basis, and it drives her cousins nutty…I’m always telling her "honey, you need to just let the game flow and let everyone use their own imaginations…"  Today, though, these words were coming from the other girl!  It was great!  And they had a fabulous time playing all day, without a fuss at all.  They put on a play for me (must have changed clothes 27 times each!) and played "music" (calling it that is a stretch!) out front – hoping to make money as street musicians, lol.  Maybe if we were downtown or something….  They watched a movie and had popcorn…simple little stuff.  When the friend called her parents to tell them ‘goodnight’,  I overheard her say "this is the greatest party ever so far!!"   Wow.  It’s not even a party, but I’m glad they’re having fun. Tomorrow is the big "Best Friends Party For Two" at the kiddie salon.  They are sooo excited, I hope it lives up to their expectations!   

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  1. I\’ve been gone awhile from the blogging-world, however your blog-life is one I definitely wanted to re-connect with ! It\’s good to see that you are still here and surviving. It will take awhile to catch up but I look foward to it. Have a great day ! Blessings to you from Ethan\’s Nan 

  2. Hi Ann,
    Sorry, I commented in your last post by mistake!

    I\’ve been tagged and now I\’m tagging you so come by my space to get the rules.  Maybe I\’ll learn something new…  haha
    Hope you\’re having a great weekend! 

  3. Ann,
    From what you have always said I think Mariah and Kiki would have sooo much fun together!  This blog especially makes me think so  🙂 

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