Ah..survival of the birthday feels good

I made it through!  I am officially another year older, and yet, I am still alive!  I am hoping to make some good changes, health-wise, in this next year.  I’ll let ya know how that works out for me!   I completely lazed out yesterday… I fell asleep out on my lounge chair in the sunshine…lovely, I tell you!!  Didn’t even really hear Alan mowing right around me… he sent me a boquet of flowers earlier in the day, now how sweet is that?!  We went out for dinner and then ice cream last night…yep, it was a lovely, lovely day. 
Now, back to reality.  It is time to concentrate on Kiki’s birthday – hers is exactly one week after mine.  (She was actually due on my birthday, but I knew that as the mom, that situation would be a total ripoff for me!  So glad she came late!!)  This year, she is inviting just her one "BFF" (lol!) and they are having a "salon day" at a local ‘kids only’ salon and spa…heehee… should be fun. 
That said, I should run…I waaay overslept this morning (thank you Excedrin pm!!) and we’ve got alot to accomplish today…sigh… I’d rather have another day of lazing, but you really can’t do that all too often, I suppose. 

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  1.  Glad your birthday was nice! All I wanted was to have the whole day on the computer, and I got it! (for my birthday)
    I wouldn\’t want to share my birthday with the kids, either, and its a bummer when they have to share with each other. I have June 13 and 16th, and then Nov. 30 and Dec. 2. Poor kids!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful happy birthday.  WooHoo!!
    Kiki\’s party sounds like fun.  Is she turning 10?  Mariah had her princess party in May, but we\’ll celebrate this weekend when our big kids come home…  and on her actual day last Friday at the Waterpark and tomorrow with some birth family…   You get the picture!  haha
    I\’ve been a bum this week…  I actually napped when the little kids napped!
    Take it easy… 

  3. Ann,
    Happy Belated Birthdays! to you and your daughter.  Sounds like Kiki might be teacher material.  🙂  Or some other career where she gets to instruct.  The animal pictures are wonderful!  Enjoyed my visit.  Love and hugs,

  4.  Hi Ann,
    I\’ve been tagged and now I\’m tagging you so come by my space to get the rules.  Maybe I\’ll learn something new…  haha
    Hope you\’re having a great weekend! 

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