It’s My Birthday…and I’ll cry if I want to


Well, I don’t really feel like crying; so far so good!  Alan came home to eat lunch (he never does this) so that was a nice surprise.  Then my mom and dad called to wish me a happy day.  Kiki brought me breakfast in bed (yogurt) which I put back in the fridge (I need to be awake for awhile before I feel like eating!). 

Kiki gave me a new copy of my fave Third Day CD, which I’d had but left in the CD player of my last car when I sold it …… .dang it.   I love the song on it "Cry Out to Jesus"… it reminds me of my little sister.  And other stuff.

Alan was going to give me "Eyelash Extensions" for my birthday!  I told him I wanted them, and he actually called the salon and found out all the info!  I was impressed.  It’s not going to happen, though.  Too expensive, and you need to have "refills" every 2 – 3 weeks.  Shoot.  You see, my eyes are by far my best feature, but I have short, blonde eyelashes that don’t show up at all.  It would totally rock to have long dark lashes without having to apply mascara….well, maybe someday!

I know we’re supposed to be eating healthy, but I think I’ll have Alan and Kiki take me out for ice cream tonight : ) It is my birthday, after all!!   


How do you like the zebra booty?  lol.  Well, I am going outside to nap on my lounge chair in the sun… a moment of relaxation, my birthday gift to myself!


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  1. A belated happy bd to you!  Have you considered having your eyelashes dyed?  It\’s not dangerous if you get a competent person to do it!  (I think they may use vegetable dye).  Just a thought.  hugs, gail 

  2.  I actually had my eyebrows dyed when I was getting them waxed!  Shocked me at first but then I liked not having to use an eyebrow pencil.  Never thought about my eyelashes.  My eyebrows and lashes are very light normally.  hmmmm

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