Can they really be THAT stupid??!

Okay….this is pretty frightening.  There are days I think there is no hope for our country!  Today, we went to the fair – Kiki, myself, my mom, my sis and her daughter.  It was a beautiful day for it, as it was overcast and not nearly as hot as it has been…in fact, it was probably the coolest "day at the fair" I’ve experienced here.  But, I digress… that’s not the point.  We were on our way over to the petting zoo area, and there was a tent where, for a mere dollar, you could see the "World’s Largest Hog".  Now, I was not raised on a farm, but there was just stuff that we knew as kids.  I guess kids these days, maybe they don’t know much??  Two teenage or older girls were walking by, and we overheard one say to the other "What’s a ‘hog’?"  What the …..???  Seriously???  Yes.  And her friend hadn’t a clue, either.  Not much later at all, we were in the petting zoo…a small group wanders over, mostly adults, and they look into a pen with several types of poulty inside.  This woman is checking out a turkey, and then she says "Wow!  I had no idea chickens could get so big."  She is completely serious.  I am not making this up, people!!  Be afraid.   Be very afraid!

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  1. hahahahahahahaha
    We had a little two year old foster child who was very impressed with the "big puppies" when we showed him some cows!  pretty cute  🙂  His eyes were as big as saucers! 

  2. LOL, yep, thats normal now, kids just do not know, and apparently adults do not, either. And I think that helps people not become vegetarians if they do not associate their food with an animal.
    Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day! And it would be nice if you win, but I\’m drawing on Saturday morning, so it won\’t be your birthday anymore.
    You can rent the movie. We had the same issue, with cheating spouses, and that is what made me so shattered, but something in that movie really changed my perspective on what God was doing through it all. It was like a light just started shining, an angel appearing, almost. It was just amazing. 

  3. The story is there, about my oldest daughter… about a year ago. There were two or three posts in August of 2006 abouther specifically….. Let me know if you can\’t get them… you know how sometimes if you click on the link to the archives or months, its blank? If that happens, go through the Categories link of "family". Takes a little more scrolling, but you can get there. :o) 

  4. Thanks for coming by to visit my blog!!  I always love new visitors.  I have to say, since you asked, that my forties were absolutely wonderful!!  So far, (I am 53) my fifties haven\’t been bad at all.  I have noticed changes, kinda like my body has slowed down a little.  But I really feel about the same most of the time and don\’t feel my age. 
    About your post….I believe almost anything since I have watched Jay Len*s Man on the Street interviews.  It just AMAZES me how stupid people are about common, every day things they should know.  It is kind of mind boggling!!
    I hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 
    Come by and visit anytime!!  I will be back to visit you again as well!

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