Wow! I figured out how to put a picture in the blog!


Can you believe it?  I downloaded that "Live Writer" thingy…this should get interesting! 

Don’t you love how the little guy is actually smiling?!

(the kitty, that is…!)


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  1. I love cats.  My daughter, Carole is such a total cat person!  She used to sit for hours outside with our litters of farm kittens.  She would dress them up and take pictures.  She always thought they had such human faces and expressions.
    I remember when she was little and starting to be serious about her privacy, when she got upset because a cat was looking in the window watching her get dressed!!!  hahahaha  I thought I was going to split, laughing!
    She took a kitten back to CA with her on the plane a couple years ago so she could have a pet.  Now that farm kitty has quite the life, for sure!
    Take care and have a great week…

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