Kids say the darndest things

First off, to any of my regular readers, please see the note I left as a comment on my last blog entry – I love ya all!!
Then – Kids say….- wasn’t this the name of some Art Linkletter show?? …but anyhow…. tonight we had a meeting at church.  Very interesting…about human trafficking, and slavery, and children being…. well, used.  (I have to watch what I say so as not to get any strange people lurking around)  Anyway, lots of tough stuff and it will be awhile before I have digested all of it.  And have an idea what to do with the knowledge.  Not tonight.
HowEVER…. we were sitting with a friend of ours, chatting before it started.  He said he was taking his two little boys home after church this morning, and the oldest asked him how old you have to be to get baptized.  (We are having one of our River Baptisms this coming weekend, and so I’m sure that’s what brought it up.)  The dad explained how it’s not about a certain age, but how you need to believe in Jesus, accept his gift of dying on the cross for us, and that you have a desire to live your life for Him… his littlest boy, who is about 3, I think, says to his daddy – "I know Jesus!  I belive in Him…so why can’t I be advertised??"  heeheehee!!  I love kids!

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  1.  And that, my friend, is one of the reasons that I love kids so much!  They are just too funny sometimes, and definitely too cute!  🙂

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