A story worth reading…I hope to have one!

So I’ve noticed fewer comments and fewer people visiting my space…. this shouldn’t bother me; after all, I began blogging as an alternative to writing in my journal, which I never seemed to get around to doing.  I didn’t mean for it to become some big internet hit… and yet, when I was highlighted as a Featured Space it suddenly became important….I began keeping track of my ‘hits’ and got excited when I’d receive comments from new readers…or, new comments from returning readers… I don’t know what I expected to happen – that I’d suddenly become some Blog-elebrity or something… which is totally silly and self-absorbed, I realize.  So I just need to get over myself!  I write for, I don’t know, myself mostly.  Occasionally I need to vent, and this seems to be a good place to do that.  Of course I don’t know this for a fact, but I would imagine the Spaces that get most hits are kept by people who either have incredibly interesting lives (that would count me out, lol!) or those who make an effort to visit lots of other Spaces.  I try to do that, but my computer is so slow these days it just is hard.  And dang it, I just don’t see my life as getting exciting any time soon!  The big upcoming events in my life are  1)my birthday in 4 days…yeehaw – getting older no longer excites me  2)Kiki’s birthday one week later – she’s excited but it’s just work for me!  3)more work for me as the Home Schooling Adventures begin again in just TWO WEEKS!!  yikes. 
It’s strange, isn’t it, how we all want some sort of recognition, some feeling that our lives count for something.  I’m thinking it’s my "midlife crisis" of sorts, that I am feeling this huge discontent and wish my life was heading somewhere….somewhere interesting, I suppose.  Part of me feels that I still have a lot of good years left, yet the other part of me feels like I’m too far past 20 or 30 to head down some exciting life path. 
Well, enough musings for this morning!  I just remembered that I am supposed to mow the lawn for Alan today…he asked nicely so even though I’m not sure why I suddenly have to do his ONE household task, I guess I will do it for today.  And I suppose I should get going on it before the day is blazingly hot.  Oh, yes….let the excitement begin!!  Come back tomorrow for another blog of great interest….!!!!

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  1. Well, I for one, have been a tee-total comment-leaving slacker these past few weeks! Sooo sorry! :o)  Not only have I had less time for blogreading… but when I have read, I really just have not taken the time to comment. I have no excuse but that I am a slacker. 
    Do forgive.
    I haven\’t forgotten you… Just can\’t seem to get my act together!  I promise to attempt to do better!  Will that help?

  2. Gosh girl, you are a celebrity if you were FEATURED!  That is so cool.  I have been blogging for years now, but have very few comments and was never featured.  I always wish more people would visit and comment, but it never stops me from recording my meandering thoughts!  At least you know you have one regular visitor – ME!  whoopee.

  3. Like Weimie, I\’ve barely had time to write anything, let alone get out to visit; my stats are showing it! I think numbers are down all around, what with the end of summer & school beginning. Hang in there- we haven\’t forgotten you, dear girl.
    BTW- Happy B-day if I don\’t get back around in time 🙂

  4. My life got rather busy, my kids are home, school will be starting, vacations going on, my blog is getting busy, and I\’ve started writing a column at momsblogging.com. So, my visiting has been down. I mostly visit others who leave comments on my blog, and a few blogs I just can\’t give up! But even my favorites are down to a couple times a week instead of every day.
    I guess you need a new computer, then you can visit others and get your readership up again!

  5.  Hey Ann,
    You were my very first blog!!  I found you on MSN when you were featured.  I lurked for a long time until I couldn\’t contain myself and then I set up my own space so I could leave comments.
    Actually, I\’ve been away for a couple of days and you were the first space I checked, so I would say you\’re pretty important and interesting… to me at least!  haha
    I have noticed that the people who get lots of comments generally so out visiting and leaving comments a lot.  Sometimes it\’s kind of fun to go off following the trails and finding new interesting people, but I always enjoy checking back in with friends.  🙂
    My hat\’s off to you with the homeschooling.  I would love to do it.  Maybe someday.
    Mowing the lawn is actually a rather peaceful job where you can enjoy nature and float in your own thoughts.  Maybe you could trade dusting or laundry with Alan!  hahahahaha
     P.S.  I am still praying for those horses to come into your life!
    Take care and be well…

  6. Gosh, you guys!  I didn\’t expect any of you to have to apologize for not commenting!  I know you all love me, lol!!  I just need more, more, more I tell you!!  Seriously, I didn\’t mean that post to shine negatively on any of you!  I was just grousing, that\’s all!  Thanks, tho, for caring about me, even when I whine! 

  7. Happy Birthday, dear Ann!  Thanks for your blog entries.  It\’s such a great start to my day to read them all.  I look forward to seeing what is happening on the other side of our great country.  I, too, agree that people are not getting the education that we were afforded.  They just don\’t know COMMON, ordinary things that we just took for granted.  It\’s just a testament to what is NOT happening in our schools.  Thanks to God you\’re homeschooling!  Kiki is a very lucky girl and you are to be congratulated for your efforts.  How did the room turn out with the reconditioned black furniture?  I\’m curious as all get out!  Have a great day and keep the faith.

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