It’s Off on Vacation We Go!!

Well folks, this is it.  Tomorrow morning (or I should say later this morning!) we will be boarding a plane to Pittsburgh.  With a short layover in Denver.  Kiki is so wound she is alternately talking a million miles an hour or crying.  It didn’t help her stress level that Alan and I were at each other’s throats as soon as he got home from work!  Later he apologized and said "I’m just a jerk".  I did not disagree.  It was all about what he "perceived" that I should have gotten done vs. what actually did get done and what still needed to be accomplished.  It’s like it’s never good enough, no matter how much I do and how hard I try.  Seriously, am I the only person who gets some stuff done at the very last moment?  Is everyone else packed 24 hours early, and every little chore, task and point on the "to do" list is taken care of at least 2 days before leaving??  I do not believe that.  I am sure some people are more organized than I (I had to make a last-minute run to the market tonight at 11pm!) but I am also the ONLY person around here preparing for the trip!!  I feel like I did a pretty dang good job, so I’m not feeling guilty about it.  Just irritated.    
On a bright note, Alan got his test results back (on the heart stuff) and he has a normal, healthy heart.  Good news!  Kiki was hoping that meant we could quit this boring healthy eating crap, lol.  Alan is being very good.  Almost too good.  He’s getting this "holier than thou" attitude and honestly, I’m getting tired of being told how to eat and how to feed my child.  No, we’re not doing "as good" as him, but it’s a thousand times better than it was!!  Besides, she is a young growing child who can do with a bit more than we grown-ups… 
Can you tell my husband has really been getting on my  nerves lately??  I guess we really need a vacation!  Hope this does the trick!   
I would appreciate everyone’s prayers, for safety, good health, lots of fun, and that our animals do fine.  Thanks.
I don’t think I will be getting online at all during our trip, so farewell for now!  Take care, stay safe, and I will "talk" to you all in about a week!

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  1. Have a wonderful time on your trip!  Good news about your hubby, also.  And, you are not the only person who isn\’t packed two days before a tirp.  I usually pack the night before or the morning of a trip, depending on when I am leaving and how much time I have. 

  2. Hey Ann!  Love, love, love the hair!!  Oh, how I wish I could afford to splurge on myself with a perm right now.  My hair is the longest it has ever been (what with the pregnancy and nursing and all… and one length), now I want it curly… like that chick on CIS New York.  Maybe for Christmas.  LOL
    Catching up I see I\’ve missed a bunch.  I\’ve not been on to blog much this summer either because I just didn\’t.  Ya\’ know how you decide your not going to let your life take over, and so I didn\’t.  So I have no other excuse than I just did not choose to et on much.  I had reading to do and letterboxing and the occasional odd job around the house ~ pulling weeds and mulching, cleaning out the garage… and other stuff that I\’m sure I haven\’t gotten around to yet.
    Glad hubby\’s heart stuff is OK and the diet is going well.  Jiminy, it\’s hard when both spouses aren\’t in the same place for a "lifestyle change" (aka diet) to work.
    I guess I\’ll go blog at my own site and stop bogging yours down!  Hope you\’re having a great vacation! 

  3. Hi Ann,
    Don\’t think I\’ve ever started packing until the absolute last second!  Drives my husband crazy  haha.  Actually, I think he\’s mellowed some and has come to accept my ways after all these years.  Sometimes I stay up all night before we leave on vacation.  I sleep on the plane  🙂 
    Have a great vacation…

  4. Hi Ann!  I hope you and your family enjoy your time in Pittsburgh.   I\’ve had a lot of catching up to do!  Congrats on the kitty, way to go with the healthy eating plan, glad to hear Allan\’s heart is fine, you survived VBS, the craziness in life, well…. I know how that can be.  Oh and happy bloggerversary!
    Take care,

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