A question for the Cat Lovers out there

As many of you may know, we have this new kitty.  He’s a "hoot" as they say here in cowboy country… My question is this – in just a couple days, we are leaving for a week’s vacation.  My nephews did not come through to pet sit for us (urrrgh – I won’t even get into that!) so my dad will be coming up each day; however, that obviously leaves many hours when no one will be here.  The rats – obviously, not a problem.  The dog – not a big deal either.  She has free roam of the house, plus my dad will probably take her down to their house on occasion so she’ll be fine.  The cat I’m a little concerned about.  As a kitten, of course he is into everything.  At night and when we are not home we have been shutting him in Kiki’s bathroom upstairs.  (It is a decent sized bathroom, and his dishes, bed, scratching post and litter box are in there.)  He is liking this less and less!  He really wants to be where the family is.  He will yowl for awhile, but once things are quiet he calms down.  The problem is that while we are away he is going to be alone for much longer stretches… we have considered letting him have the run of the whole upstairs, which he would like much better, but there are things he could get into trouble with, and no one here to hear him and help him out.  We are leaning towards having dad shut him into his bathroom space while he’s alone here… he’ll be irritated and lonely, but safe…  what are your thoughts?
In other news……
We have been eating very healthy….Alan is being a real stickler!  To the point of annoyance, really, but I’m trying to be positive!  It’s a necessary thing, I know. We have all lost weight, so it’s a good thing.  He goes in for a "stress test" tomorrow – things are fine unless they tell him he shouldn’t travel – since we are flying out Saturday morning!
I nearly have conquered Laundry Mountain!  Yeehaw!  Today Kiki and I are going to finish "picking and packing" our things for the trip.  I bought a new set of luggage so we should actually be able to get this done! 
Yesterday, Alan came home and I got the "what did you do all day?" question!  Geez, he’s a lucky man that I don’t believe in murder.  I mean, really, is he joking??!!  I’m working my buns off (yeah, I wish) to get everything done before we leave… yes, there are clothes around….can you say ‘Packing’??!  Dummy.  I couldn’t talk to him for like, an hour, because what I wanted to say was not nice.
Well, I’m off to see if I can get ‘something’ done….grrr.  Okay, seriously, I do have some things I want to get accomplished! 

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  1. I truly admire your restraint on the \’what did you do all day\’ question.  I think it\’s safe to say that you are a bigger person than I.
    Good luck getting ready for your trip! 

  2. Probably the best thing for your kitty would be having her go to your mom and dad\’s or someplace like that while you\’re gone.  How long will you be away?  Sometimes cats can get rather miffed and will act out even when you get back.
    Dave left today for a 10 day motorcycle trip.  I\’m planning to get lots done so I can surprise him when he gets back.  Today I actually found a proverbial needle in the haystack!  Of course, then I started organizing the haystack.  haha   I have 3 major projects that I hope to accomplish.  Hmmmm…we\’ll see.

  3. Thanks, Jacque…but I worry about having the cat at my parents because – 1)their dog is crazy 2)they have a full grown male cat 3)my dad is terrible about leaving doors open and the kitten could get out.   My dad is planning on hanging out here as much as he can, and even spending a couple nights… guess I\’ll just have to pray that the kitten doesn\’t hold a grudge! 

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